The Details of Vince McMahon’s Relaunched XFL

Vince McMahon announced last week that he is relaunching the XFL. Here are some details on what the league will look like when it starts in 2020.
10 Possible Cities for XFL Teams

10 Possible Cities for XFL Teams in 2020

10 Possible Cities for XFL Teams: Vince McMahon announced on Thursday that the XFL will return to the national stage in 2020. New teams will be decided upon and announced in 2019, and cities across the country will begin their bids for brand-new XFL franchises.

The Football Landscape Might Just Be Right for the Reincarnation of...

With rumors surrounding an announcement from Vince McMahon that he's intending to revive the XFL, here's why the football landscape may be ideal for its reincarnation.