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Seattle Seahawks Easiest Games in 2019

One of the keys to having an outstanding season is winning the easy games on your schedule, and the Seatle Seahawks have that task at hand in 2019.
Bobby Wagner

Bobby Wagner Signs Three-Year Extension With Seattle Seahawks

Bobby Wagner, one of the top linebackers in all of pro football, just agreed to a three-year extension with the Seattle Seahawks.
Jarran Reed

Fire Goodell #3: Jarran Reed Hypocrisy

NFL Commission Roger Goodell issued a six-game suspension to Jarran Reed even though he let Tyreek Hill off the hook less than a week ago.
2019 Seattle Seahawks

Faces of the 2019 Seattle Seahawks

Throughout the month of July, the Last Word on Sports NFL department has been taking a look at the three most recognizable faces for...
Seahawks X-Factors

Seattle Seahawks X-Factors in 2019: Defense

The Seattle Seahawks have a big year ahead of them and it will take each player to step up in their role. Here are the defensive Seahawks X-factors in 2019.

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