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2018 NFC West All-Division Team

2018 NFC West All-Division Team: Defense and Special Teams

2018 NFC West All-Division Defense and Special Teams: All four teams have enough talent to give opposing offensive coordinators nightmares.

Ranking All 32 NFL Rosters (Part Four: 8-1)

The final installment in my four part mini-series ranking all 32 NFL rosters according to talent level, youth, and depth.
Jim Everett

New Orleans Saints: Jim Everett Talks About Mike Ditka, Twitter and...

In part two of Last Word on Pro Football's exclusive interview with Jim Everett, the former New Orleans Saints quarterback opens up about a...
Jim Everett

New Orleans Saints: Catching Up With Former NFL Quarterback Jim Everett...

Former NFL quarterback Jim Everett talks about everything from Drew Brees to the Los Angeles Rams and New Orleans Saints. Everett has many interesting stories about his time in the league.
Josh Rosen

2018 NFL Draft Grades: NFC East and NFC West

The saying goes all good things must come to an end, and the saying rings true for the 2018 NFL Draft. The biggest event...

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