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New York Jets Easiest Games

New York Jets Easiest Games in 2018

The 2018 New York Jets schedule is full of games they should put extra emphasis on. This list counts down the games they should not be stressing about in 2018.
NFL 2018 Strength of Schedule

NFL 2018 Strength of Schedule – Beyond the Win-Loss Record

What happens when we use better predictors for calculating the NFL 2018 Strength of Schedule than the usually used 2017 win loss records?
Eric Decker

Eric Decker Announces Retirement

Eric Decker announced his retirement from the NFL in an Instagram post on Sunday afternoon.
2018 New York Jets

Realistic Expectations for the 2018 New York Jets

The 2018 Jets look to contend on a higher level this upcoming season and that includes adding to their win total from 2017.
Teddy Bridgewater

The Options for Teddy Bridgewater

The New York Jets' quarterback room seems to be filled to capacity with a re-signed passer, a free agent acquisition, and a rookie from USC. Teddy Bridgewater, the outside signing, brings a positive conflict to New York, and there are a few distinct ways the Jets can go with him.

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