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Giants Difficult Games

New York Giants Most Difficult Games of 2019

Let’s kick off our analysis of the 2019 New York Giants by ranking their schedule from toughest to easiest games, beginning with the most difficult.
Allen Hurns

Allen Hurns Potential Team Fits

Allen Hurns was cut by the Dallas Cowboys this week. The 27 year old receiver is coming off a gruesome inury but some teams will likely show interest.
DeAndre Baker

Sam Beal and DeAndre Baker Looking the Part of NFL Cornerbacks

If preparation is the key to how someone will perform on-stage, then Sam Beal and DeAndre Baker are looking the part of an NFL cornerback this off-season.
2019 New York Giants

Faces of the 2019 New York Giants

The 2019 New York Giants off-season has proven to be… well, interesting. But it seems there are always those core standouts; the faces of the franchise.
NFC East All-Division

2019 NFC East All-Division Team: The Offense

In this series, Last Word on Pro Football will be selecting the best players in each division by position. On the radar here is the...

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