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Philadelphia Eagles Defense Not Equal to Tampa Bay Buccaneers Weapons

Philadelphia Eagles defense not Equal to Tampa Bay Buccaneers weapons. The Eagles simplly were outmatched by the Bucs on Sunday.
NFL 2018 Strength of Schedule

NFL 2018 Strength of Schedule – Beyond the Win-Loss Record

What happens when we use better predictors for calculating the NFL 2018 Strength of Schedule than the usually used 2017 win loss records?
Week One Starting Quarterback

Philadelphia Eagles Must Practice With a Week One Starting Quarterback in...

A plan for Foles must be worked on now and in earnest as though the Eagles believe in their heart of hearts Wentz likely won’t go against Atlanta Sept. 6.
Carson Wentz

Philadelphia Eagles Weak Showing in Cleveland Cries Out for Carson Wentz

The Philadelphia Eagles preseason woes continued with a dreadful showing against the Cleveland Browns, highlighting the absence of QB Carson Wentz.
Philadelphia Eagles Options at Quarterback

Options at Quarterback, Receiver for Philadelphia Eagles

Philadelphia Eagles Options at Quarterback, Receiver - With Carson Wentz and Nick Foles injured and banged up receivers, who's left for the Eagles?

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