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Allen Hurns

Allen Hurns Signs Extension With Miami Dolphins

Allen Hurns will continue to catch passes in South Florida for the foreseeable future. That much is certain after the Miami Dolphins signed the 28-year-old wide...
Miami Dolphins Rebuild

Miami Dolphins Rebuild Will Lead to a Bright Future

In spite of a rough 2019 season, most other NFL teams and fan bases should be envious of the future of the Dolphins and here's why.
AFC Edition

AFC Edition: What We Know From the First Four Games

Now that we're past the first quarter of the NFL season, what have we learned from each team in the AFC at this point?
New England Patriots Defense

New England Patriots Defense Headlines Success

New England Patriots Defense: Starting off the season 2-0, the Patriots defensive success should be among the prominent headlines thus far.
Miami Dolphins Creative Offense

Miami Dolphins Creative Offense: The Way to Score More Points

With the offense struggling mightily through two games, the Miami Dolphins must get creative to get the offense moving and score points.

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