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AFC West Breakdown

2019 AFC West Breakdown by Position: The Defense and Special Teams

Here is the AFC West breakdown for 2019, taking a look at each team's lineup at each position and which one is best. This article focuses on the defense.
Mike Daniels

Examining A Mike Daniels, Kansas City Chiefs Signing

Defensive lineman Mike Daniels is on the open market, and the Kansas City Chiefs are among the top suitors for his services.
Fire Goodell

Fire Goodell #2: The Jimmy Smith Suspension

Fire Goodell #2: The Jimmy Smith Suspension - NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell has shown time and time again that he is unfit for the position and needs to go
Roger Goodell

Roger Goodell Needs to Be Fired Following Tyreek Hill Fiasco

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell once again messed up a player discipline case, and NFL Owners need to act and remove Goodell from his post.
Tyreek Hill

NFL Will Not Discipline Tyreek Hill

This comes after the NFL could not find enough evidence that Tyreek Hill actually did what he was accused of, leaving him off the hook for now.

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