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Derek Carr

Derek Carr Highlights Week Three Fantasy Football Watch List

Derek Carr is one player that fantasy team owners need to keep an eye on the next few weeks. Find out the rest by following our weekly watch lists.

2018 NFC South Breakdown by Position: The Offense

2018 NFC South Breakdown by Position - The Offense: This article contains a position-by-position breakdown of the NFC South offenses.
Peyton Barber

Peyton Barber: A Solid Fantasy Football Sleeper Option

Peyton Barber should be a primary target for fantasy football players looking to get a steal in the later rounds of their drafts.
NFL 2018 Strength of Schedule

NFL 2018 Strength of Schedule – Beyond the Win-Loss Record

What happens when we use better predictors for calculating the NFL 2018 Strength of Schedule than the usually used 2017 win loss records?
Mike Evans

Mike Evans: Fantasy Football Buyers Beware

Mike Evans has been a big name in fantasy since he got into the league. However, he is inconsistent from year to year, and is unlikely to live up to his ADP

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