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Cleveland Browns: Team News, Analysis, History, Schedule

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Mike Tomlin

Mike Tomlin Expresses Support for Mason Rudolph

Pittsburgh Steelers head coach Mike Tomlin recently appeared on ESPN's Inside the Lines to express support for backup quarterback Mason Rudolph.
Cleveland Browns General Manager

Cleveland Browns General Manager Candidates

Cleveland Browns general manager; soon after the Browns appoint a new head coach, they'll have a new general manager. The head coach will have input over...
Least Valuable Players

The Five Least Valuable NFL Players of the Year (2019)

The 2019-20 NFL regular season has come to an end. In the coming weeks, Baltimore Ravens' Lamar Jackson is the odds-on favorite to be...
Under Further Review

Under Further Review Season 2 Episode 18 – Who’da Thought We’d...

In this episode of Under Further Review, we'll talk about Black Monday, review the year (and take a shot at the decade), and look at the NFL playoffs ahead!
Cleveland Brown Coach

Six Cleveland Browns Coach Possibilities

Mike LaFleur, Urban Meyer, Josh McDaniels, etc--there are many Cleveland Browns coach possibilities that could steer the team in the right direction.

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