2017 AFC West All-Division Team: The Offense

As we creep towards preseason football, the Last Word on Pro Football department is award the all-division teams, starting with the AFC West.

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The Most Overrated Player in the History of Each NFL Team: AFC Edition

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Shannon Sharpe is one of the great Broncos in history that transformed the tight end position and transcended how the position would be played in the future

Predicting the AFC West Champion

The AFC West looks to be one of the best divisions in the NFL yet again in 2017. Who is going to take the title and represent the west?

2017 Denver Broncos Offensive Line Preview

2017 Denver Broncos Offensive Line Preview; With OTAs heating up and training camp around the corner, it's time to start previewing the Denver Broncos

Deepest Position Groups in the NFL

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Top Players of the AFC West Heading into 2017

Ranking the top ten players in the AFC West heading into the 2017 NFL season. Last year, Von Miller and Khalil Mack tied for number one, what about this