Replacements for New York Giants Kicker Aldrick Rosas

Things have been quiet lately regarding the New York GiantsĀ and Aldrick Rosas lately. The 25-year old kicker was involved in a hit and run on June 16th in Chico, California. Ever since his mugshot was released from the Butte County Police Department, the headlines have been silent on him.

However, whether he is out of trouble or not, the Giants should start thinking of replacements for him. Rosas has had two bad seasons (2017, 2019) and one good season which ended in a Pro Bowl (2018). New head coach Joe Judge has brought the no-nonsense attitude to the team ever since his hire in January.

Reports from sources came out weeks ago that witnesses at the party involving rookie cornerback Deandre Baker said that he was not part of the robbery that took place. So that means Rosas could be the only guilty one on the roster.

The Giants will have to prove they are willing to get better in the locker room and on the field. Rosas will have to be one of the decisions Judge has to make.

Here are some candidates to replace Aldrick Rosas if the Giants part ways with him:

Possible Replacements for New York Giants Kicker Aldrick Rosas

Stephen Gostkowski

This is one of the older options out there for the Giants if Aldrick Rosas is let go. Gostkowski was a member of the New England Patriots for 14 seasons before being released in March. They replaced him in the draft with Justin Rohrwasser. Gostkowski is a four-time Pro Bowler and a three-time Super Bowl champion.

When Joe Judge was the special teams coach in New England, he often worked with Gostkowski. Dave Gettleman has expressed his favorability towards players who have familiarity with the coaching staff.

One of the negatives is that he is coming off a season-ending left hip injury. He missed four extra points and one field goal before ending up on the injured reserve list.

Gostkowski is also 36 years old. The Giants would like to avoid a hit-or-miss kicker in his 30s, especially in a rebuild. If anything, the Giants would prefer a younger kicker, but if they keep Rosas, Gostkowski would be very good competition for the preseason.

Matt McCrane

This is one of the more underrated options that the Giants would have. McCrane skipped around the NFL in 2018 with the Arizona Cardinals, Oakland Raiders and the Pittsburgh Steelers. After being used to replace their injured kickers, a year later he was signed to the New York Guardians of the XFL.

McCrane made all of his eight field-goal attempts for the Guardians before the XFL disbanded. He was tied for fifth in the league with his numbers.

McCrane was 8/12 in the NFL with field goals. Those numbers may look bad, but those were in limited opportunity for only one year with three times. ‘

McCrane is 25 years old like Rosas. He is a wise option for the replacement of Rosas’ or his competition in the preseason.

Adam Vinatieri

Though Vinatieri is likely a Hall of Famer, he is a high-risk option for the Giants.

He is coming off a season-ending knee injury and is 47 years old. Before his stint on injured reserve, Vinatieri was 17 for 25 on field goals and 22 for 28 on extra points.

He seems to be coming out of his prime and has a very old leg. Sure he has career numbers and records, but it is best if the Giants leave him be.

Ryan Succop

Succop is 36. Unless the Giants want to bring in competition, it is recommended they leave him be.

Succop went on injured reserve twice last year. In the middle of those two stints, he was 1 for 6 on field goals but he was 24 for 25 on extra-point attempts.

Again, Succop could be good for Rosas’ competition. But at this point, if the Giants were to go after a kicker, it would be a long-term replacement at kicker.

Nick Folk

Folk is one of the options on this list Big Blue should stay away from.

Folk in a limited opportunity with the Patriots in 2019, after not being with a team in 2018, was 14 for 17 on field goals and 12 for 12 on extra points. After being out for a week after undergoing an appendectomy, he was cut on November 29th. Afterward, he was re-signed on December 6th and released in the off-season.

Though those stats look appetizing, Folk is 35 and has a flip-flop leg. The Giants, if they replace Rosas, are looking for a long-term option. Nick Folk also has a habit of missing kicks at the wrong time, going back to his days in Tampa.

Folk is past his prime and wearing out at 35 and the Giants should pursue somebody else if they think Rosas doesn’t deserve a second chance.

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