New Orleans Saints Vision Has Moved to Next Season

The playoffs are still underway, but the New Orleans Saints vision has moved to next season. Following another disappointing end to the season, the Saints are left with trying to figure out what needs to be done to improve for 2020. One thing is for sure, they will need to load their roster with more weapons, but the team has found itself in a beautiful mess with their quarterbacks.

New Orleans Saints Vision Has Transitioned to 2020

This year, the Saints will no longer have a signed quarterback on their roster. Drew Brees, Teddy Bridgewater, and Taysom Hill are free agents now. Brees has been the starting quarterback with the Saints since 2006. Bridgewater showed he can still manage as a starting quarterback during Drew’s hand injury. It will be interesting to see what the Saints do to remedy this issue.

One haunting question is if we are ready to move past the Brees era? To be honest, I am not, but I am not part of the committee making the big decisions. With all of his records, Brees only holds one appearance in the Super Bowl. This isn’t totally his fault, but it has been a factor discussed when fans are comparing him to other quarterbacks, such as Tom Brady, or trying to dissect reasons why the Saints have had such a long time since its last Super Bowl appearance. This season was nothing short of surprising that the quarterback found himself the center of discussion when the Saints lost to the Viking the second year in row.

True, Brees didn’t have a great game then, but I would not go far to say that he needs to be replaced. Following his injury, Brees came back with a vengeance. He’s shown that he still has arm strength and mobility to move in the pocket. At 41, he is still an expert at making defenders miss.

Taysom Hill/Teddy Bridgewater: Unsung Heroes?

Teddy Bridgewater received a starting role once Brees was injured. He gained many Saints fans as he went five games undefeated. Bridgewater is not a stranger to the starting position. I’m sure he welcomed the chance, and this definitely added value for this free-agent period.

Taysom Hill is another fan favorite. The immensely versatile Swiss Army Knife brings a certain energy to the team that I cannot describe. On the team’s last game against the Vikings, Hill seemed to line up as a quarterback, as a receiver, as a tight end, and on special teams. He rushed for yards and made passes. One of the team’s best drives during the game was one from Hill that ended in a 50-yard pass to Deonte Harris. He’s proven he can line up various positions, which is great for the Saints.

So, let’s say Brees chose to retire. In a perfect world, I wouldn’t choose either one for the starting position but would find a way to equally play them both. I would give Taysom more playtime than he has now. However, if Brees chooses to stay, the team risks losing both players. It depends on the players. Bridgewater may choose to wait it out to get the keys to the kingdom. However, Hill is turning 30 and is at a heightened part of his career. If he wishes to play in one position, or even as a starting quarterback, this may be time to weigh his options.

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  1. There are two pathways here: 1) Brees retires this season, 2) Brees returns for next season. The first pathway won’t happen, but if it did, Saints sign Bridgewater to a big contract as Bree’s heir apparent, re-sign Taysom Hill to good contract, and look for a third QB to add into the mix. The second pathway will happen (imho): Brees will return, Saints will let Bridgewater sign elsewhere, Saints will re-sign Taysom Hill and look for a 3rd QB to develop. In this scenario, and barring the unforeseen, Taysom Hill will assume the starter role when Brees retires in 1-2 seasons. Just an opinion.

  2. If Brees plays again next season and Teddy leaves, Taysom would get no playing time as the backup quarterback. That would be a huge waste of talent to not let Taysom do what he can do. It’s time for Taysom to get a shot as a starter and see what he can do in the NFL. He is my favorite player to watch. He is an inspiration on and off the field. I hope he never gets caught up in the antics of so many in the NFL that when they make a great play they run around like monkeys and do stupid dances and act like fools… for doing their job! What a bunch of morons.

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