2020 Superflex / Two-Quarterback League Buy Lows: 2019 Disappointments That Can Rebound

Dynasty 2020 Superflex and two-quarterback leagues add a significant change to fantasy football. In 12-team leagues, this alters the number of starting quarterbacks from 12 to 24. Since there are only 32 NFL teams, users must get creative with their quarterback depth. Stating a season with only two to three passers is a recipe for disaster. In this format, starting quarterbacks are worth their weight in gold. Remember there is a reason a lot of these assets are available for cheap as they carry a lot of risks. Conversely, they present the potential for high reward in 2020. Keep in mind these strategies only apply to Superflex and two-quarterback leagues.

2020 Superflex / Two-Quarterback League Buy Lows Including Marcus Mariota and Josh Rosen

1st Rounds Busts?

There are two quarterbacks who lost their starting jobs in 2019 but should be procured in 2020 Superflex and two-quarterback leagues. Both of these quarterbacks are top 10 NFL draft picks from the Pac-12 Conference. As such, both of these men have the pedigree and talents to perform. Both might be playing for different teams in 2020 and have real paths to starting. These two quarterbacks have been traded in fantasy for fourth and fifth round rookie picks. The two men that are buy-low candidates are Marcus Mariota and Josh Rosen. 

Marcus Mariota

Mariota’s career has been a series of ups and downs. He was the second pick in the 2015 NFL Draft and brought new life to a formerly struggling franchise. Fast forward to 2019 and Mariota has been replaced by a league-average quarterback in Ryan Tannehill.  2020 is an important fork in the road for Mariota. It is highly likely that he will be out of a Titan uniform. So a lot of his potential fantasy value depends on the location in which he lands.

Mariota should end up being a bridge quarterback or he could end up a messy situation in which he can establish himself as the guy. Either way is a means for him to be fantasy relevant in Superflex formats. Right now he might even be on the waiver wire in certain leagues. His value is the lowest that it might ever be. Mariota is still young and could end up playing for another seven years or so. Since his acquisition cost is extremely low he is definitely worth the risk. 

Josh Rosen

Rosen will cost you a little more than Mariota, but the market is currently lower on him and that makes him a buy. He is smart and has a talented arm. Rosen could be a benefactor of a lot of movement around the year in 2020. Ryan Fitzpatrick did great during the stretch of 2019, but he was not perfect. A lot of things began to click in Miami as a whole. Devante Parker emerged to become an elite wide receiver and the team started to play with style. The season was capped off with a win over the rival New England Patriots when they were trying to obtain a first-round bye and lots to play for.

2020 will only be the third season for Rosen and there is still a lot more time for him to grow in develop. If Rosen stays in Miami he might have a path to the starting gig, especially if Fitzpatrick decides to hang up his cleats. The Dolphins have a lot of young talent on the offensive side of the ball and could help Rosen pull it together for years. Conversely, if Rosen is out of South Beach there is a possibility that he would land in a better situation. There will be a lot of openings around the league that might allow for Rosen to become the man. His current value is a third or fourth-round rookie pick or a bench wide receiver. If Superflex formats this is a gamble to take. 

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