2020 Superflex/Two-Quarterback League Buy Lows: Nick Foles, Joe Flacco, Tyrod Taylor 

Dynasty Superflex and Two-Quarterback league add a significant change to Fantasy Football. In 12-team leagues, this alters the number of starting quarterbacks from 12 to 24. Since there are only 32 NFL teams, users must get creative with their quarterback depth. Stating a season with only two to three passers is a recipe for disaster. In this format, starting quarterbacks are worth their weight in gold. Remember there is a reason a lot of these assets are available for cheap as they carry a lot of risks. Conversely, they present the potential for high reward in 2020. Keep in mind these strategies only apply to Superflex and Two-Quarterback leagues. 

2020 Superflex/Two-Quarterback League Buy Lows: Nick Foles, Joe Flacco, Tyrod Taylor

One of the quickest ways to build depth is to add bridge quarterbacks. A bridge quarterback is usually an older veteran or current backup with the potential to start a majority of the season. Going in the 2019 season, the two clearest bridge quarterbacks were Ryan Fitzpatrick and Ryan Tannehill. These two men won many people championships in 2019. In both cases, each person costed very little to acquire. Even though both of these men finished strong, it is important to remember that they are not elite or solid starters in the league. Buying these quarterbacks at there current cost is a huge mistake. Below are three quarterbacks that fantasy players should consider acquiring while the cost is extremely low. 

Nick Foles 

The 2018 Superbowl MVP struggled in 2019 as he missed much of the season due to a broken clavicle. The Jacksonville Jaguars passer only ended up playing in two games during this campaign. Minshew mania took over while he was out of the lineup. Even though Gardner Minshew had some moments, he did not clearly establish himself as an undisputed starter. He was even benched in favor of Foles but quickly took over after one game. Foles’s future is uncertain in 2020, but that is why he is a perfect buy low. He has the potential to be a reliable starting quarterback in the right situation. Foles will most likely serve in a similar role to Fitzpatrick for the rest of his career, and there is clearly value in that role.

Tyrod Taylor

Taylor was given the keys to the kingdom in Buffalo but failed to make the most of the season. Despite a playoff appearance, it was clear that Taylor was not the solution in Buffalo. Josh Allen was drafted and Taylor was on his way to Cleveland where he would soon be replaced by another rookie in Baker MayfieldEventually, Taylor made his way to Los Angeles and took a backup job behind Philip Rivers for the Chargers. As of the time of this article, it appears that Rivers is done in Los Angeles. The Chargers will most likely find the solution in free agency or the draft. Either of those scenarios is good for Taylor. If the Chargers take a chance on a free-agent quarterback, there is a chance that that person fails. This would give Taylor the path to start at least a handful of games. If the Chargers take a rookie, then it is quite possible that Taylor starts a few games while the rookie develops. Right now Taylor is going extremely cheap and has the possibility to start a majority of games in 2020.

Joe Flacco 

The 2019 season was rough for Flacco in the Mile High City. Drew Lock had moments where he looked strong, but he did not make it clear he was the man in 2020. It is also a very strong possibility that Flacco has played his last down in Denver. Currently, the Broncos are appearing to move forward with Lock as the starter and Flacco as the potential backup. There is a strong possibility that Flacco finds his way to start a number of games somewhere in 2020. Flacco was never the greatest quarterback, but he could be a lottery ticket next season. For fantasy players with deep rosters, go get Flacco for a late rookie pick and success may be imminent in 2020.

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