Jacksonville Jaguars Thanksgiving Trio

Heading into week 13 of the NFL season, there is a trio of players for the Jacksonville Jaguars to be thankful for this Thanksgiving. After three embarrassing losses to AFC South opponents, the team is on the cusp of yet another losing season (currently 4-7) in Jacksonville. Quarterback Nick Foles has spoken about creating a winning culture and not quitting.

Sorry Nick, but these fans have heard it all before. And they are tired of it. That’s why you hear the sighs and feel the eye rolls. What will happen at the season’s end is unknown. However, through 11 games, these three Jaguars players have shown they belong. This talented trio is the core of the future of the Jaguars and worthy of giving thanks this season and more to come.

Jacksonville’s Trio to be Thankful for

A Heaping Helping of Fournette

So far in 2019, one of the most consistent players for the offense has been running back Leonard Fournette. He has shaken the stigma of last season and has become the staple in the offense the franchise envisioned three years ago. The offense continues to run through Fournette.

Think of him as the mashed potatoes of the offense. Most Sundays, every opposing defense gets a heaping helping of Fournette on the ground. And just like grandma’s mashed potatoes, he continues to impress each week (950 yards and 4.6 YPC). Look for him to continue to load the plate offensively during the final five games.

First, be thankful for a resurgent Fournette at running back.

Chark Bits

If Fournette is the mashed potatoes of the offense, second-year wide receiver DJ Chark has been the gravy. Chark continues to impress this season accounting for eight touchdowns to lead the Jaguars offensively. His 856 receiving yards also leads the team.

Chark started the season hot and has stayed warm throughout the season. Although the youngster has had some inconsistencies because of a change at quarterback, he is certainly in the discussion to represent the AFC as a receiver in the Pro Bowl. Certainly a feat not many in the league anticipated.

He still has five more games to pour on the statistics. And with a hapless Tampa Bay Buccaneers defense heading into town, he will surely see opportunities to continue his magical season. Perhaps even surpass the 1,000-yard plateau this Sunday.

Secondly, be thankful for Chark at wide receiver.

New Side Dish

With the seventh pick in this year’s draft, the Jaguars could not pass on defensive end Josh Allen. At 6′ 5″ and 260 lbs., Allen is that new casserole that Aunt Nancy brought to the table that looks appetizing and tastes even better. Allen has all of the measurables to make an impact in the league.

He has been quite the tasty treat and the lone bright spot of an under-achieving defense. Allen’s eight sacks lead the team and he has been in the conversation for Defensive Rookie of the Year.

Although Allen is still learning the speed of the pro game, his potential is constantly on the rise. With a little tweaking in defending the run, Allen will be a complete defensive giant for the Jaguars for years to come.

Also, be thankful for Allen at defensive end.

Leftovers? No Thank You!

Jaguars Thanksgiving Trio

With a record of 4-7 that is about it for Jaguars players to be thankful for this season. It’s Thanksgiving and the season has slipped away. Changes are on the horizon. Who will stay and who should go? However, the aforementioned trio should be the elements to build the future upon in Jacksonville. A healthy scoop of these three will surely have a place at the table each season.

But pass on the leftovers.

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