XFL 2.0 Taking Shape as Players Prepare to Learn Their Fates


The XFL season kicks off on February 8, 2020, and after a nearly two-decade lull between season one and season two, the league will give fans unpredictable spring football once more. Unpredictable is perhaps the best word to describe the XFL as in the last few years documentaries and podcasts have shed a lot of light on the original season the league played courtesy of the people who were there. Football fans are anticipating the new XFL season and they can use this review to wager on games throughout the football season.

Season two of the XFL is approaching quickly and it already appears the football league is organizing itself far better than in 2001. A draft has been announced for the league’s eight teams. In addition, the XFL has already signed one former NFL player to the league. Football fans can follow all of the season’s games with Gent promocode and wager on each week’s gridiron games.

With the XFL less than five months away, here is what we know about the league’s reboot.

First player signing

In August, the XFL officially announced the signing of former Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback Landry Jones. The quarterback is the first, and currently only, player to be officially signed to the XFL. Like many players in the original XFL, Jones didn’t receive many opportunities in the NFL and spent much of his time holding clipboards on the sidelines.

Jones has not been allocated to a team but there is a possibility he could join up with the Dallas Renegades. The franchise’s head coach and general manager is former Oklahoma Sooners football coach Bob Stoops. Jones played under Stoops at OU.

It was claimed that the XFL would sign eight quarterbacks in total prior to the October player draft. However, no other names have surfaced as of yet.

XFL player draft

The XFL player draft will take place over two days on October 15 and 16. The draft pool contains 1,000 potential XFL players. The reason for such a large number of players is most likely due to some draftees turning the league down once picked.

Each team will have a quarterback assigned to the team before the day of the draft. Seventy-one players will then be drafted by each team. The XFL has already released a list of players eligible to be drafted.

Many of the names on the XFL’s potential draft list are simply good ex-college players that didn’t make it in the NFL or weren’t drafted. Football fans may need to go back a few years to see college game tape of these former gridiron standouts.

Impact on the NFL

The XFL’s impact on the NFL can be positive or negative depending on the way the rebooted league approaches things. It could be a feeder league to the NFL and develop potential stars. However, knowing the type of person that league owner Vince McMahon is, the XFL will most likely attempt to go head to head with the established association at some point.

A bidding war for talent could push up salaries in the NFL. However, the XFL has thus far attempted to make the league scalable with its pay structure. Unlike the Alliance of American Football, costs are being kept in check with the XFL for the time being. The league may attempt to lure away NFL stars but that day could be years away.

The XFL’s player salary structure is pretty straight forward currently. Established NFL players will only jump ship if salaries are comparable. Although some might join to play fewer games during the season.

Will the XFL flame out like it did in 2001 or will it taste a fate similar to the AAF last year? The league’s reboot is extremely interesting and football fans could be in for an exciting time.


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