Houston Texans Most Difficult Games in 2019

The Houston Texans most difficult games are make-or-break match-ups. With training camp underway and the preseason approaching, Last Word on Pro Football is analyzing the schedules of all 32 NFL teams. Each team’s 16-game slate will be split into its most difficult (1-8) and easiest games (9-16). For this article, the toughest games on the Houston Texans 2019 schedule is under the microscope.

Houston Texans Easiest Games

Houston Texans Most Difficult Games in 2019

1. Week 1 at New Orleans Saints

Opening the season in New Orleans will be a tough environment for the Texans. Facing off against the top-ranked quarterback in the NFL top 100, Houston’s defense could have trouble. Drew Brees and the Saints offense are expected to thrive this season. Containing Brees and New Orleans early will be a main key. If the Texans want to win, their offense led by Deshaun Watson will have to outperform New Orleans for 60 minutes.

2. Week 6 at Kansas City Chiefs

Facing the NFL’s next best phenom in Patrick Mahomes will be an interesting challenge. Playing at rowdy Arrowhead Stadium will be a tough atmosphere for the Texans. If Houston can come into the game with a winning record and remain consistent, they could leave with a win. This matchup against Kansas City could be crucial for the AFC playoff race in 2019.

3. Week 13 vs New England Patriots

Hosting Tom Brady late in the season will give Houston a tough challenge. The Texans are 1-8 against New England all-time in the regular season as an expansion team. Their record against the Patriots can improve should the Texans’ offense get the momentum going. Watson will need to be a true mature NFL quarterback for his team to have a chance. If Houston wins, they could be in the playoff race. That is, if they have a good record at this point.

4. Week 3 at Los Angeles Chargers

Traveling to California to take on the surging Chargers could be an interesting game. Los Angeles is expected to be a contender this season. Veteran quarterback Philip Rivers gives Houston’s defense a challenge. Though the team may not have Melvin Gordon, the Chargers will still be a quality team. An early-season win could give Houston the boost they need to be a true contender.

5. Week 5 vs Atlanta Falcons

The Falcons could be a scary team in 2019. For the Texans, the main key is to contain Julio Jones. One of the most dynamic receivers in the NFL could give the Texans a hard time. Their defense will have to step up in this game to give the offense a shot to win. Getting a win in week five would help Houston’s momentum push for the playoffs early. A win would also boost the team as a whole.

6. Week 2 vs Jacksonville Jaguars

The Jaguars are going to be a good team this season. Houston will need to stop Nick Foles from throwing deep passes to get to the goal line. The defense has to get off the line early and have the edge. Getting to the backfield will be a major key. Houston’s linebackers and secondary have to contain the open field. For the offense, Watson will need to become a game manager for this one. Getting a win against your divisional rival is always great early in the season.

7. Week 4 vs Carolina Panthers

Arriving home after their trip to California could present an interesting environment. Hosting the Carolina Panthers will be a rowdy crowd. NRG Stadium will be rocking for this game. Stopping Cam Newton and Christian McCaffrey is key. The defensive line has to get in the backfield and keep Newton under pressure the whole game. The intricate key to this match-up will be the secondary. The Texans’ secondary has to be on their top game to get a win.

8. Week 11 vs Indianapolis Colts

Hosting a division rival on a Thursday night is always bittersweet. The week before Thanksgiving provides a good contest for this Houston Texans team. If they can contain Andrew Luck, the team has a chance. The Colts could be a sleeper this year, so watch out. Houston knows what a win would mean. Potential bragging rights in the division. One win closer to the playoffs. Getting the dub this game will provide a lot of momentum for this team.

Houston Texans Easiest Games

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