Josh Lambo a Potential Secret Weapon for the Jacksonville Jaguars

It’s hard to fathom a kicker as a weapon in the brutal sport of professional football. Kickers have a stigma as not being tough and they are portrayed as a player that shies away from contact. Kickers are unique and quirky on and off the field. Often times, kickers are secluded and left alone by teammates and coaches to deal with pressures of the game.

Similarly, kickers are often an afterthought in the world of fantasy football too. Usually, they are the last one selected in the final round, an afterthought. But hey, kickers are people too! Right? A kicker can change the outcome of a game both positively or negatively. Going from a zero to a hero in a matter of seconds. Right, Cody Parkey? Too soon Bears’ fans?

Despite the “kicker” stigma, Jaguars’ kicker Josh Lambo has reinvented himself and the placekicker position in Jacksonville during his last season and a half. After a one and a half seasons, Lambo is an offensive weapon on the field and he puts the “special” in the special teams unit.

Josh Lambo Gives the Jacksonville Jaguars a Secret Weapon

Lambo Past

Prior to the NFL, Lambo bounced around several soccer clubs, including a few appearances as a goalkeeper in MLS (Major League Soccer). In 2015, he joined the then San Diego Chargers and eventually won the starting job over an aging veteran. As a Charger, he converted 26-32 field goals in both 2015 and 2016 for a high-powered offense. However, that was not enough, as he was released in early September of 2017.

After a brief month and a half of unemployment, the Jaguars signed Lambo on October 17, 2017. Entering the team with low expectations and relative obscurity, Lambo would soon emerge as a weapon. A contributing part of the arsenal during the Jaguars’ 2017 run through the AFC playoffs.

Lambo Leap

He has not been far from a disappointment for the Jaguars during his first 23 games connecting on 92.7 percent of his kicks. He has only missed three field goals in 41 attempts as a Jaguar. Additionally, he has only missed three extra points in 44 attempts. Lambo’s biggest contributions came during the 2017 season. One of his field goals was an overtime game-winner against his former team. He was also perfect on field goals and extra points in the 2017 playoffs. Truly a leap from the inconsistencies that puzzled the previous placekicker Jason Myers.

Lambo’s Large Personality

Perhaps the most differentiating aspect to Lambo is his transparent personality. Locally, fans have been able to follow his entertaining life off the field. Similar to long-time Jaguars’ kicker and fan favorite Josh Scobee, Lambo does not hold back from socializing with fans. This includes tiptoeing into his personal life.

Since becoming a member of the Jaguars, fans have been able to follow his recent engagement and marriage to his wife Megan. Fans follow along to stories of rescues of dogs along with the couples’ involvement in the opening of a dog park inside TIAA Bank Field.

Earlier this year, Lambo was selected to unveil the 2019 Jaguars’ schedule. However, in typical fashion, Lambo took it over the top. Dressed as a game show host from the 1980s, Lambo’s charisma was on full display for the city to enjoy. Just another way for the fans to appreciate their prized kicker.

2019 and Beyond

In February, the Jaguars signed Lambo to a four-year, $15.5 million contract extension. It was a  gesture that did not go unappreciated by all individuals in the Lambo camp. The hopes for the Jaguars’ front office is that with the addition of Nick Foles at quarterback, Lambo will have even more opportunity to put points on the board. Increasing the attempts also increases the chance for Lambo to shine as a weapon in 2019.

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