Alvin Kamara Saved Ring For Right Team

Instead of being angry or irked by some foolish NFL team, Saints‘ fans should celebrate all the franchises that passed on Alvin Kamara. Especially, the bird-brained simpleton who passed up Kamara because of a nose ring.

Alvin Kamara Knows He Saved the Ring For the Right Team

One has to guess the moron that told Kamara is kicking himself now looking back on this conversation: “Well you’re about to go in with the G.M., so you know, so he really doesn’t understand the nose ring and things like that. So you might want to, can you take them out or tuck them?”

This was from an unnamed representative Kamara named in a recent interview when interviewing with teams before he was drafted. Ok, there’s plenty to take apart here, but there’s more than the nose ring. The unnamed dunderhead adds more to the absolute ludicrous buffoonery.

Notice the “and things” said by this person. What is and things even mean? Does that mean other piercings? Does the G.M. have an allergic reaction to players with nose rings? Maybe, the halfwit believed that Kamara was from another planet. The possibilities are endless.

But let’s put that nonsense aside for just a second. Maybe I’m wrong, but I have a feeling, fans of just about every NFL team would love to have Alvin Kamara and his nose ring. Matter of fact, even if Kamara had two noses and three ears, it wouldn’t matter. Seriously? This is 2019 right.

If I was A.K., I think I’d send a picture of a nose ring with all the stats underneath from the last couple years. The picture should be called “ringless.” Because there’s no way the New England Patriots passed on him because of a ring. Just a wild guess that one of the other 30 teams made that error.

So we all want to thank you whoever you are. Thank you for being close-minded. Thanks for focusing on one-minute detail to label someone. And lastly, Who Dat Nation would like to add one more thing. Thanks for the ring. Alvin Kamara knows he made the right decision.


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