Los Angeles Rams Fans Prefer Super Bowl Trophies Over Fantasy Trophies

Despite repeated status reports and insightful answers to repeated questions, it feels much like the entire football world continues to speculate on the health, availability, and usage of Los Angeles Rams running back Todd Gurley. Of course, it’s mainly because of sports gambling, including fantasy sports, and the ratings they both generate discussing them.

Rams fans are being forced daily to face what amounts to a perceived fact by some that Gurley’s done and will soon go the way of players like Adrian Peterson and Jamal Charles, especially regarding his fantasy worth.

However, the truest of Rams fans who also love fantasy football find themselves wading through mostly pointless repetitive crap. They couldn’t care less about individual stats and fantasy points when push comes to shove the current kings of their annoying pedestals. Gurley is adored but these are real Rams fans and real Rams fans prefer real Super Bowl trophies to fantasy trophies any day.

Los Angeles Rams Fans Prefer Real Super Bowl Trophies to Fantasy

The Rams staff has smart plans in place to best protect and preserve the overall big picture of another championship run. This, of course, now includes preserving the health and well-being of Gurley’s knee by limiting its wear and tear with select usage over the course of his remaining NFL career — fantasy-speak for EEEK! THE SKY IS FALLING, especially in keeper leagues.

But sports fans into fantasy games can often be sentimental regarding the star players on their actual teams. Annually, some take it to the extent of drafting their favorite players in every league possible. I am guilty of this regarding Gurley and I plan to stay that way this fantasy draft season.

Why, some of you no doubt wonder? (1) For the same reason some cheat their way to a fantasy title with bogus additional memberships trading stars to themselves in crappy free leagues, because I can. And (2 of 3), because I’m a fan of my team, first and foremost. I prefer players from my own team on each and every team. It tends to help me care about them more and go the distance of a full season. Trust me if you don’t know, managing several traditional-league fantasy football teams takes extra motivation. If you’re addicted to live drafts you’ve probably found yourself in more bad leagues than you care to admit. These bad leagues – too often infected with whiny little quitters – make it hard to follow even your decent teams. I don’t know about you but I like earning championships in competitive leagues more than leagues half dormant.

Truth Be Told, Gurley’s Fine (Enough To Win Games)

More importantly, because (3) I tend to believe inside information more than…say, morning entertainment shows posing as football shows. Certainly more than some East Coast biased sports network hating on Los Angeles or selling out for ratings.

Sure, his personal trainer, Travelle Gaines, went on record confirming Gurley has an “arthritic condition.” Everyone was supposed to have already known that. This is the same guy that has been saying, “nothing has changed,” regarding Gurley’s off-season training. Why would this be the case if there was something more extreme or extraordinarily wrong?

Gurley has said he’s fine but if you need additional inside information, Sean McVay has said it. Hall of Fame running back Eric Dickerson also said it. Another star back, Melvin Gordon, another of the closest to the actual horse’s own mouth, has now said it. All in words adding up to Gurley coming back ready and able.

Will Todd Gurley be the bell cow? No. Do the Rams need him to be? Another No. Are the Rams doomed if he doesn’t get the majority of carries by a Rams running back in 2019. An emphatic No! and an additional, seriously?

‘C’mon, man!’ Do you really believe C.J. Anderson was that good? Good, yes and we appreciated him but that good? If the Rams thought he (age 28, closer to 35 in football years) made that much more of a difference than the freshly drafted Darrell Henderson could, Henderson would currently not be blessed with horns. Give the offensive line more credit. They deserve it.

So yes, Gurley will be on any team Rams fans can draft him on. He will be valuable whenever he plays. Backing him up with Henderson is smart. He should get his, too.

Don’t Bet High On Your Own Supply

Personal feelings aside, do you think Kansas City Chiefs or Cleveland Browns fans will not be drafting and stashing running back Kareem Hunt? Both are capable of scoring three touchdowns while accumulating well over 100 total yards when in. We’re talking later in the season after other running backs start dropping like flies and fantasy championships are on the line.

Ponder the coolness of being in the position to draft both Saquon Barkley and Gurley. Let the naysayers talk for that reason.

Yes, in that quick-fix weekly fantasy competition it’s probably unwise now to go Gurley most weeks. But playing traditional fantasy football (especially in free leagues) what could it hurt to take advantage of a proven commodity? At worst at this moment, Gurley’s a superstar with an unstable 50/50 chance to not produce his fantasy worth. The way he’s being downgraded or given up on this early in social media alone suggests draft value.

Certainly understandable is the concern of those who choose to bet outrageous amounts of money on a fantasy team, whether it’s weekly or traditional. However, one fantasy player, like in real team sports, is never the sole reason for a loss. My personal “Mr. Rose rule” is to never bet on or against my favorite teams nor invest big money on fantasy teams with favorite players on them ⁠— or, don’t bet high on your own supply. Besides, huge financial losses can take away mightily from the joys of your team winning.

If you’ don’t bet more than you can afford to lose and you are truly a Rams fan, to see the team bring Los Angeles its first Super Bowl victory is all that matters. A fantasy football league title with personal favorite players on rosters is always an added bonus to anyone.

Final Last Words On The Subject Reveal…Revelations?

Few doubt that Todd Gurley has been one of the best backs in all of pro football since 2015 but these new-era Rams don’t need Gurley to be Steven Jackson and carry the team – offensively, this coaching staff actually knows what it’s doing. Entering just his third season, McVay has already sent strong signals of how things are going to be for the Rams for quite some time. The strongest is that with or without Gurley or any one player, this team will tenaciously find ways to score points and win.

Think about it. How many Rams games in the last two seasons have you witnessed and walked away absolutely convinced they let several additional points get away. Games they won and scored over thirty points. One can argue that receiver Cooper Kupp became the most needed player not playing after the successful C.J. acquisition. If key players remain healthy in 2019 don’t be surprised if the Rams’ offensive output surpasses the previous two seasons.

Flying just under the radar is how much smarter the team is poised to become. Defensively, expect more takeaways and less opponent breakaway runs than last season because of it – more scoring opportunities on both sides. If all of the above happens it’s unlikely they’ll be stopped. It will only be the third time the Los Angeles Rams have played in the Super Bowl. Rams fans hope the third time is the charm and if it looks like things are headed that way they won’t care if Jeff Fisher managed their fantasy teams.

Of course, ‘smarter’ must include McVay learning just how [oh, let’s use the word] cagey Bill Belichick and staff can be…Surely, others have wondered why, on mic’d up vid, Mr. Bill would need to know McVay’s whereabouts on the sidelines at all times during Super Bowl LIII.

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