Three Cleveland Browns Players Set to Break Out in 2019

The Cleveland Browns have become the team to watch, and why not, considering the ridiculous amount of talent the team boasts. The entire team as a whole are poised to break out this season, but there are a few players we can expect to finally shine. Here are three players set to break out in 2019.

Three Cleveland Browns Players in Store for Breakout Seasons in 2019

The defense is stacked as it is, and the offense has undergone serious upgrades. Odell Beckham Jr. could be the perfect match for Baker Mayfield. But it’s safe to say that these two have already had their breakout season, so we’ll look at three others today.

David Njoku – Tight End

Last season, David Njoku took a hefty leap forward. As Fansided’s Dan Schmelzer described, he was an impact player for Cleveland. He tallied 56 receptions for 639 yards and four touchdowns. This was a marked improvement over his rookie year performance of 32/386/4.

When the Browns drafted him 29th overall in 2017, it was his physicality and skill set that made him the ideal receiving tight end. We finally saw him tap into all of that last year – and we can expect him to grow even more.

The middle of the field was his stomping ground last season and it was obvious he had a good rapport with Mayfield. Cleveland’s new offensive coordinator Todd Monken is likely to create even more opportunities for Njoku to showcase what he is capable of.

Njoku has undeniable talent and a high ceiling he has yet to reach. The Browns will ensure he has maximum opportunities to be able to fully utilize his skill set.

Myles Garrett – Defensive End

In his rookie year, he was plagued by injuries. But Myles Garretts second season was comparatively epic, even making it to his first Pro Bowl. In 16 games, he racked up 44 total tackles (35 solo stops) and 13.5 sacks, which earned him his second all-pro title.

Garrett was always going to be a threat – we just didn’t know when. If he is free from injuries this season, he could be the scariest he’s ever been.

He said it himself with this one tweet:

With Steve Wilks replacing Gregg Williams as defensive coordinator, Garrett is hoping he can finally reach his full potential. He explained that Williams had only wanted him to use two moves. “You win with these two moves. I don’t want to see anything else out of you,” Williams had said. Garrett expressed his relief. “I hopefully have more freedom to be the player I want to be.”

If he managed to rack up those figures with that much restriction, imagine what he’ll be like with so much more freedom.

Nick Chubb – Running Back

When the Browns eventually gave Nick Chubb a starters opportunity last year, he was a monster on the field. He completed his rookie season with 996 yards and eight touchdowns on 192 carries. Additionally, he caught 20 passes for 149 yards and two receiving touchdowns.

Chubb is good with the big plays and it wasn’t long before he was a threat. He is quick and explosive and has tremendous upside within Cleveland’s offense. He’ll have a lot of room to move on the field, with opposing defenses concentrating on covering Beckham on the outside.

With a full load of carries this season, Chubb can be unstoppable and easily be one of the most productive running backs in the league.

With talent on both sides of the ball, it’s easy to see why fans, and everyone in general, have realized that the Browns are no longer underdogs.

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  1. Spot on, Yvonne! I’m hoping that Antonio Callaway pulls off a breakout season as well – or at least builds on last year’s performance.

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