Minnesota Vikings Release Mike Remmers

After a well below average year from Mike Remmers and the Minnesota Vikings offensive line as a whole, the Vikings have decided to part ways with Remmers. The overhaul of the Vikings offensive line has begun. The plan going into the off-season all along was to start rebuilding the offensive line, and this is the first of possibly many moves.

Minnesota Vikings Release Guard Mike Remmers

By letting Remmers go, the Vikings will save $4.55 million dollars. They entered the day with just $4.9 million dollars in cap space. This gives them some wiggle room to sign a more up to par lineman. Remmers was part of an offensive line that made their quarterback the second most pressured in the NFL, and the 29th overall ranked offensive line. Not the most impressive stat.

There was a lot of adversity Remmers and the offensive line had to overcome. First, they lost their offensive line coach, Tony Sparano, unexpectedly early in camp. Rightfully so, that is something no one can truly get past. Remmers also moved from right tackle last season to the inside of the line to right guard. He ended up allowing 42 pressures and seven sacks during the 2018-2019 season. To go along with that, he also had eight penalties. Remmers’ run blocking grade, according to Pro Football Focus, was the worst it’s ever been since he entered the league.

The numbers Remmers posted along with his salary cap hit are all reasons the Vikings needed to part ways with their right guard. Minnesota is in desperate need of protection for their million dollar man at quarterback, Kirk Cousins, and to help open up running lanes for Dalvin Cook and the rest of the Vikings offense. The entire 2018 season was dreadful as fans watched their beloved team consistently allow their quarterback to end up on his backside, or allow their running backs to be stuffed behind the line of scrimmage. This appears to be one move in a line of many more to come for the Vikings and this offensive line.

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