The Cold Hard truth about Jeffery Simmons

Every year you see players get pushed down boards because of character or injury concerns. And every year there are players who fail to get combine invites based on something they did in their past. Both of these seem to be the case for former Mississippi State interior Defensive Lineman Jeffery Simmons. Simmons is one of the best talents in the draft but his troubled past will force him to fall come April.

The Cold Hard truth about Jeffery Simmons

On tape alone, Simmons is a top 15 player in the class. He showcases excellent hand usage and can rush the passer extremely well for an interior lineman. His tools are evident on tape and he has the potential to wreak havoc when on the football field.

The problem, however, is that he comes with some baggage. As many knew before this Simmons was involved with an incident before he attended Mississippi State. The video evidence shows Simmons allegedly breaking up a fight then striking a woman in the process. This assault of a woman charge takes Simmons off many team’s boards altogether, and rightfully so.

To make matters worse for Simmons, he recently confirmed an ACL year he suffered during his pre-draft training. Adding this injury onto his off-field concerns likely pushed him out of the first round altogether. It is important to note that Simmons will likely be out all of the 2019 NFL season due to this ACL tear, likely mean whoever drafts him will be doing so I’m with the intent of getting a future starter, not a current impact player. A huge bummer seeing Simmons was one of the true instant impact players in his year’s draft class pre-injury.

After the first day of the draft, teams reconvene and reassess their draft boards. At this point, there could be teams looking to target Simmons as the second-round progresses. Simmons slip out of the first round causes him a loss of money, but his latest mishaps aren’t detrimental to his draft stock.

Teams with the Need for Jeffery’s Services

With a talent like Simmons, many teams will look to acquire him throughout hte second round. So, how long could his fall be? Where will he land?

One team that comes to mind first off is the Atlanta Falcons. Pre-injury there were a lot of mock drafts that had Simmons landing in Atlanta and for good reason. WIth Grady Jarrett‘s return being up in the air and the need for another interior player Simmons seems like the perfect fit.

Another team that should be in the running is the Indianapolis Colts. The team currently has a rotation of unknown players for their interior guys. Adding Simmons won’t be an instant impact player now but he would be crucial in building the trenches for the future, something Chris Ballard loves to do.

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