Trent Richardson’s Performance for the Birmingham Iron was Inspired by Family First

The Alliance of American Football‘s debut for the Birmingham Iron was simply dominant. The 26-0 shutout performance put the league on notice. This Iron team is tough, just like the name. Not to mention, a familiar face ran the ball like the player we all know from the University of Alabama. Trent Richardson proved his worth on Sunday. And there was evidence of that this Trent Richardson in 2019 is going to be a different man. The truth came out and the Memphis Express couldn’t do anything.

Trent Richardson ran Hard for the Birmingham Iron for his Family

Rebirth of the Alabama Legend

There was one thing that stood out in my interview with running back Trent Richardson back in January when training camp was in session. When I asked him what it feels to be back on the field, this was his response. “It feels amazing and I train all the time. I’m just happy to be out there competing. I got to train with my oldest son and see him out there. This is the first time I get to play with my kids looking on. This is special.”

This could be his last chance. And Sunday, Richardson came out with a new mojo.

There is something to be said about a guy that’s hungry. In 2012, Richardson came out of the NFL Draft with high expectations. Unfortunately, the time wasn’t right. After being traded from the Cleveland Browns and waived by the Indianapolis Colts, Sunday had to feel special. And this time the motivation was different. His role as a parent has turned a young man into a professional. His son T.J. has a perspective on the future only being six years old. 

“I almost didn’t want him to ever have to feel like he had to live up to what I have done, you know? I’m going to play football so I can take care of the family so you can stop playing one day,” T.J. told his dad. You can’t take care of the family forever.

“He’s so ahead of his time, and I think can we slow him down, let him be a kid?” Richardson said.

Motivation is Coming Straight from his Kids

Richardson also has a daughter too Talliyah. She is excelling in school with straight A’s. The performance on the field Sunday was an achievement for sure. His two rushing touchdowns helped the Iron push the team in the end zone.


On the other hand, his performance had to be more about football. This time around, Richardson is doing it for bigger things. More than the money and the fame, Trent Richardson is a man providing for his family. The city of Birmingham is going to love this lesson of never giving up. The Birmingham Iron could be seeing the rebirth of an Alabama legend.

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