The Referees Completely Shutdown the New Orleans Saints Season by not Reporting a Crime

New Orleans Saints referees
NEW ORLEANS, LOUISIANA - JANUARY 20: Tommylee Lewis #11 of the New Orleans Saints drops a pass broken up by Nickell Robey-Coleman #23 of the Los Angeles Rams during the fourth quarter in the NFC Championship game at the Mercedes-Benz Superdome on January 20, 2019 in New Orleans, Louisiana. (Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images)

It’s been over 24 hours now. A person can only be angry for so long without venturing into insanity. There are no words or special speeches that that can help today. Not for the fans, the players, or the coaches. The New Orleans Saints were ripped off on Sunday. And everyone knows it. The Los Angeles Rams have admitted it. The NFL immediately apologized for it. The crime has been committed and the sentence was given. For the Saints got the death penalty from the zebras that looked on and witnessed the incident. But they seemed to look the other way.

Referees Shutdown the Saints by not Reporting the Crime

Victimized and Beaten Without Consequence

Maybe it was a brain fart. Perhaps dirt was in the eyes of both referees. Some even brought up a vendetta against Sean Payton and Who Dat Nation. It just doesn’t matter.

“But for a call like that not to be made, man it’s hard to swallow. It’s a game-changing call and it’s where it’s at. It’s disappointing”, Payton said in his press conference following the game.

Sean Payton looked more somber than I’ve ever seen after a loss. Surely, that pain had to do with the way the game got taken away and being with his players after in the locker room. Payton also credited the play of the Rams, as well as the clutch kicks made by Greg Zuerlein.

Still, there was a heavy feeling in the room. And the loss hurt bad enough. But the feeling of helplessness and suffering ran prevalent throughout the press briefing after the game. The briefing felt more like a funeral. As if the black and gold was a real person. And for many, the Saints are family. They hurt and we hurt.

Guilty Beyond Reasonable Doubt

The witnessing of a good friend getting robbed and beaten was hard to watch. In fact, the missed pass interference wasn’t just a missed pass interference. On any street corner, if TommyLee Lewis was taking a stroll down St. Charles Avenue, that brazen act would’ve been classified by assault and battery. And the cops should’ve been called. But there were no cops called to the scene. For the game is not real life. At least people outside of New Orleans may see it as another missed call by bad referees. Tell that to the people of New Orleans.

Drew Brees couldn’t hide his emotion either. His normal optimistic spin was not evident on that day as he reflected and gracefully answered questions for over 15 minutes. Nevertheless, this game was unfortunately overshadowed by one crime that was not reported. Indeed, the game was such a great game to see what team goes to the Super Bowl. Both teams fought gallantly.

Crimes Have to be Reported

Even in overtime, the outcome was still up in the air. The story could’ve been so much different if the “zebra in the room” called it a crime being committed on Poydras Street. The world watched in horror, and the city of New Orleans was victimized by people hired to make sure these games are fair. Referees are a part of the game but aren’t supposed to affect the final score.

Above all, the men in stripes let us all down. There must be some reason. The crime didn’t occur in some dark alley late at night. It happened in broad daylight inside. This is the ending to a hard fought season. Players should hold their heads high and fans will always be grateful for this 2018-19′ season. Most teams have been sitting on the couch since the beginning of the year.

So there is that. However, in no way does the pain just disappear. This is going to be a scar that may never be forgotten. Scars last a lifetime. Although this is true, there will be a time where these men return again. This is not the end. But right now, its the reality. This is the crime of the century for the NFL. And hopefully, no other fanbase or team has to feel this ever again.

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