Jalen Ramsey and Jacksonville Jaguars Defense Continue Struggles After Fifth Straight Loss

Jalen Ramsey
INDIANAPOLIS, IN - NOVEMBER 11: Eric Ebron #85 of the Indianapolis Colts is tackled by Jalen Ramsey #20 of the Jacksonville Jaguars in the first quarter at Lucas Oil Stadium on November 11, 2018 in Indianapolis, Indiana. (Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images)

The Jacksonville Jaguars defense is playing poorly. The team’s defensive unit gave up 29 points in the first half against the Indianapolis Colts on Sunday. The defense gave up big plays and set the offense up for failure. So-called “Sacksonville” continues to be missing in action. Jalen Ramsey was quite outspoken during the 2018 offseason. He hasn’t had a bad season, but Ramsey was more dominant last year. That sentiment goes for the whole defense. Let’s analyze both the play of the defense and Ramsey’s words.

Jalen Ramsey and Jacksonville Jaguars Defense Continue Struggles After Fifth Straight Loss

Defense Continues to Give up Big Plays

The Jaguars defense has been under fire lately. But, the criticism is warranted. The defense is supposed to be the team’s strength, but the defense gave up 29 points in the first half of the team’s week 10 match up against the Colts. They gave up four passing plays of 20 yards or greater. These big gains are the result of blown coverages.

In the above tweet, you can see that coach Doug Marrone named Jalen Ramsey and Barry Church as responsible for Eric Ebron‘s two passing touchdown catches. The coaching staff apparently likes using zone defense. But perhaps they should work with the players on keeping with their assignments.

Some of the big passing plays came on third downs. The defense has to get off the field. Besides the so called Mayor of Sacksonville, Calais Campbell, the defensive front hasn’t been getting good enough at getting pressure. This keeps them from getting sacks and at the same time allows the quarterback more time. The Jags only have 19 sacks this season and seem to be a shell of what they were last year.

A Few Bad Penalties

The defense was also responsible for some penalties against the Colts. When you give up big plays, it’s not smart to also get flagged. Myles Jack and Calais Campbell headline the defensive penalties for the Jaguars againts the Colts.

Myles Jack drew a 15 yard penalty for unnecessary roughness. He led with his head on a play in which two other defenders were already dragging the player down. Of course, he was going at full speed, but he should have been aware enough to pull up. The Colts reporter for the Athletic even thinks Jack will get a fine.

Jack is doing well as the mike this year but he needs to be more aware in situations like that. There’s no excuse for plays like that.

Another penalty was one Calais Campbell. He was penalized for a neutral zone infraction. The announcers mentioned that Campbell was arguing that the center moved the ball, thereby making his movement allowable. But the replay clearly showed the ball was still. The veteran end had good pressure in the game, but was a little trigger happy on that play.

Jalen Ramsey’s Cryptic Tweet

It’s no secret that Jalen Ramsey has a big mouth. He spoke about many of the league’s quarterbacks in an interview earlier this year. Ramsey talked a big game against Tyreek Hill before their match up.

Ramsey said he would bring the smoke against Hill. Hill had four catches for 61 yards. Ramsey wasn’t on Hill every play, but Hill certainly wasn’t locked down.

Now for Ramsey’s cryptic tweet Monday morning:

What does this tweet even mean? Ramsey didn’t clarify but the outspoken corner doesn’t care what people think. He may be hinting that he’s tired of losing in Jacksonville. Or perhaps he is just voicing frustration over the year’s high expectations. One thing is for sure though. Ramsey is the best player on the defense and perhaps the whole team. He should be a leader. Leaders should be careful about what they say.

Jalen Ramsey’s actions make you wonder whether the coaching staff is in control of the whole team. Yes, some players have big personalities. But Ramsey is showing himself to be young and immature. The coaching staff would do well to reign him in.

The Last Word

The Jacksonville Jaguars are struggling mightily. The defense certainly isn’t helping. The game against the Colts was one of the offense’s better outings in the last few weeks. They put up 26 points. But it wasn’t good enough. When you have a defense that gives up 29 points in one half of play, you’re in trouble. The team will be facing the Pittsburgh Steelers in week 11. To have any hope, the defense needs to play stronger and Jalen Ramsey needs to put up or shut up.

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