NFL Daily Fantasy Lineup Stacks Report and Week Three Options

Daily Fantasy Lineup Week Three

Welcome to the NFL daily fantasy lineup stacks report. In this article, we’ll take a look back at some of the top scoring lineup stacks from last week. Then, I’ll give you my top stacks for DFS lineups this week. I use Vegas lines from ( and my knowledge of the sport to target the games, and key fantasy players in those games, that are worth stacking in our lineups.

As you know there is a multitude of ways to build daily fantasy football lineups. Some people prefer to roll out a single lineup each week, others like to play multiple lineups, like me. Whichever way you prefer to play, a good way to start your roster construction is by building a stack. Stacking is a particularly good strategy to use when playing in guaranteed prize pools (GPPs). The concept behind lineup stacking is simple, you roster two players or more from the same team, usually a quarterback and wide receiver with the hope, if that WR has a big game, chances are his quarterback will have a big game too.

NFL Daily Fantasy Lineup Stacks Report

Composition of Daily Fantasy Lineup-Stacks

There are a variety of ways to stack players in DFS lineups, some of the most common stacks deployed by daily players are, quarterback/wide receiver, quarterback/tight end, running back/defense. There’s also what is called a game-stack.
The game-stack is a lineup building strategy used by DFS players to maximize exposure to players in, what they believe, will be a high scoring game. A good example of a game-stack would be: QB/WR1 combo from one team, plus the WR1 from the opposing team. When game-stacking you’re looking to maximize your exposure to, what you anticipate will be, a back and forth shootout between two good offenses.
The third stack I want to examine in this article is the super-stack. This is when you deploy three or more players from the same team. The super-stack or triple-stack strategy is reserved for use with only the most talented and explosive offenses. You should stick to a three-player per team maximum when building lineups. The odds of four players on the same team being among the top scorers at their positions are astronomical.
However, there is one more stack, it’s called the super game-stack. A super game-stack is when you build a DFS lineup with four or more players that are playing in the same game, and there has to be players from both teams in the lineup. The idea again is to maximize your exposure to a high scoring game.
Example: QB/WR1/TE+ WR1 from the opposing team

Proof Daily Fantasy Lineup Stacking Works

To examine the effectiveness of the stacking strategy, I took a look back at eight large field GPP contests (four contests from this past week and four from Week One) to see what percentage of the top 10 scoring lineups deployed stacks. Here’s the breakdown. Contest data found on Draft Kings.
Top 10 winners with stacks- 85%
Top 10 winners without stacks-15%
Basic stacks-16.6%
Super game-stacks-26.7%
As you can see from these statistics, stacking is a very effective way to build lineups for GPPs. Furthermore, it seems game-stacks and super game-stacks are by far the most effective lineup building strategy for taking down tournaments. In my estimation, it’s almost foolish not to build a stack into your tournament lineups.

Look Back at Last Weeks Top Scoring Stacks

Draft Kings scoring provided by (DK Live)
Top stacks:
  1. Kirk Cousins 37.5 / Stefon Diggs 38.9=76.4
  2. Ben Roethlisberger 41.98 / JuJu Smith-Schuster 34.1=76.08
  3. Patrick Mahomes 41.84 / Travis Kelce 32.9=74.74
Top game-stacks
  1. Ben Roethlisberger / JuJu Smith-Schuster / Travis Kelce =108.98
  2. Patrick Mahomes / Travis Kelce / JuJu Smith-Schuster =108.84
  3. Kirk Cousins / Stefon Diggs / Davante Adams =96.8
Top Super-stacks
  1. Kirk Cousins / Stefon Diggs / Adam Thielen =110.5
  2. Ben Roethlisberger / JuJu Smith-Schuster / Jesse James =103.88
  3. Patrick Mahomes / Travis Kelce / Sammy Watkins =96.84
Top Super Game-stacks
  1. Ben Roethlisberger/ JuJu Smith-Schuster / Jesse James / Travis Kelce=136.78
  2. Patrick Mahomes / Travis Kelce / Sammy Watkins / JuJu Smith-Schuster=130.94
  3. Kirk Cousins / Stefon Diggs / Adam Thielen / Davante Adams=130.90
This week, we have four games with over/under lines of 50+ points. As of Monday, those point spreads are:
Odds by (Vegas insider)
These games are ripe for the pickings. Most of the stacks that I deploy this week will be built around players that are playing in these games. Let’s take a look at some of my favorites stacks for this week.

Top Daily Fantasy Lineup Stacks for Week Three

  1. Drew Brees / Michael Thomas
  2. Patrick Mahomes / Tyreek Hill
  3. Matt Ryan / Julio Jones
  1. Drew Brees / Michael Thomas / Julio Jones
  2. Matt Ryan / Julio Jones / Michael Thomas
  3. Ryan Fitzpatrick / Mike Evans / Antonio Brown
Super Stacks
  1. Drew Brees / Michael Thomas / Alvin Kamara
  2. Patrick Mahomes / Tyreek Hill / Travis Kelce
  3. Ryan Fitzpatrick / Mike Evans / DeSean Jackson
Super Game-Stacks
  1. Drew Brees / Michael Thomas / Alvin Kamara / Julio Jones
  2. Matt Ryan / Julio Jones / Michael Thomas / Alvin Kamara
  3. Ryan Fitzpatrick / Mike Evans / James Conner / Antonio Brown
Keep the Vegas lines in mind when building your lineups this week. Those four games with the lines of 50+ are loaded with fantasy talent. It could very well be a stack from one of those games that sits atop this list when looking back next week. Unfortunately, the Patriots-Lions and Steelers-Buccaneers games are both night games. If you’re playing the Sunday main slate, the players from those games won’t be available. Here’s one more super-stack that I love for this Sunday:
Best of luck with your lineups this weekend. May your stacks be profitable.

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