The New Orleans Saints Win a Wacky One Over the Cleveland Browns 21-18

New Orleans Saints Win

To say the New Orleans Saints were lucky is the understatement of the year. The Cleveland Browns donated a win to the Saints on Sunday. This game was so kooky and outlandish that only the Browns would be involved in this type of game. Who Dat Nation should be thanking the Browns for finding a new way to lose. Thankfully, it was just enough to get a win late.

The New Orleans Saints Win a Wacky One Over the Browns

The Saints started with a turnover early when safety Demarious Randall recovered a Michael Thomas‘  fumble. The Browns started off early with a 3-0 lead. The game was a field goal battle in the beginning as the Browns led 6-3 at halftime. The game wasn’t exciting as both teams struggled to do much of anything on offense.

Still, there was confidence in the Saints, as they were the heavy favorite going into the game. On the other hand, the Browns didn’t look like a team that was a huge underdog. The Browns’ defense only allowed 134 yards to the Saints and caused two turnovers before halftime. The tempo was very slow with little excitement until the second half. Then, plenty of Brown-like behavior started to occur.

Nevertheless, the Browns started off the third quarter with a lengthy 79-yard drive on 12 plays. The Browns went up 12-3 after a missed extra point number one. Once again, the Saints were down big on the scoreboard. Be that as it may, there was plenty enough time for the Saints to play spoiler in the end.

The Saints put together a nice drive of 66 yards to get within two points 12-10. Michael Thomas caught a 2-yard touchdown that got the Saints within two. Then the Browns revealed their true identity. They imploded.

An ill-advised throw by Tyrod Taylor ended being costly. The Saints came up with a huge interception by safety Marcus Williams in the fourth quarter. Williams ran it all the way back to the 18-yard line for 22 yards total. This was a huge turning point late in the game. The Saints scored quickly to go up 18-12.

Surprisingly, the Browns didn’t throw in the towel at that point. With 2:17 left and a huge fourth down and five coming, the Browns showed resilience by scoring to what was going to be a 19-18 lead. However, their kicker Zane Gonzales missed an extra point number two. The game remained tied at 18-18. The Saints took advantage.

Kicker Wil Lutz got put in position for a game-winning field and he was clutch. The score was 21-18, and the game looked to be over with only 21 seconds left. Then again, this was one of those wacky games. The Browns took the ball into field goal range and set up a 52-yard field goal to win it. The kick went wide right.

Coach Sean Payton had this to say after the game. “The mental errors bother me. The situational football towards the end of the game…We’re in an outside man technique and we let a guy catch a pass and get out of bounds to set up a field goal (attempt). Those things bother me. Those are things we have to better at.”

The Saints a won a game they shouldn’t. And the Browns acted like Browns. Looking back on this game will not be pleasant. But the New Orleans Saints go into next weeks’ game against the Atlanta Falcons game 1-1. The Saints should count their lucky stars. This one was ugly. Regardless, a win is a win.

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