Odell Beckham Jr. Signs Extension With New York Giants

After some months of conversation, Odell Beckham Jr. has signed the contract extension with the New York Giants that will make him the highest paid wide receiver in the league. The deal is for five years and worth $95 million. It also comes with a $65 million guarantee, which is the highest ever for a receiver.

Odell Beckham Jr. Signs Extension Worth $95 Million With New York Giants

This is certainly a well-deserved extension for Beckham with regards to his playmaking. Ever since he entered the league, he’s been lighting it up. Last year would have been more of the same if he had not suffered a season-ending injury after only four games. Despite him coming off that injury, the Giants evidently believed he had still done enough to warrant the extension. Before he fractured his ankle in 2017, he put up 302 yards and three touchdowns in those four games.

Beckham got things off to a great start in his rookie year right away. Though he missed a few games, he still put up 1,305 yards and 12 touchdowns, earning him an Offensive Rookie of the Year award. Most memorable from that season (and his career in general) is the one-handed touchdown catch he made against the Dallas Cowboys with only three fingers gripping it while falling backward.

Since then, Beckham has continued to impress. He has gained some criticism as well for some of his on-and-off-the-field behavior (ex: punching a hole in the locker room wall after losing a Wildcard game). Still, his level of play has made him one of the very best receivers in the league.

Through four years (including the one with only four games), he has put up 4,424 yards and 38 touchdowns. That included a season with 101 receptions in 2016. He’s made the Pro Bowl three times (2014-2016) and has earned a couple of All-Pro honors as well (2015-2016). He will be looking to bounce back from his injury last year. His presence will certainly help out quarterback Eli Manning during the final years of his career.

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