Baltimore Ravens Easiest Games in 2018

Baltimore Ravens Easiest Games

The Baltimore Ravens have the 21st hardest schedule in the NFL based on win percentage for the upcoming year. Outside of their ridiculous six-game stretch from weeks four through nine, the Ravens have a lot of winnable games. Only the first and last teams on the easiest side of their schedule made the playoffs in 2017. Both of these teams find themselves with new quarterbacks heading into 2018. We will get to both of those teams here, along with the rest of the Baltimore Ravens easiest games of 2018.

Baltimore Ravens Easiest Games in 2018

  1. Week 14: at Kansas City Chiefs

Chances are by the time this game comes around, the perception of the Chiefs will be much different. During the off-season they traded away Alex Smith, betting big on Patrick Mahomes. Andy Reid has always been able to figure it out with his quarterback. Say what you want about his clock management, the man knows quarterbacks. If Mahomes ends up as good as Reid thinks, this came will be much tougher. Kareem Hunt should be a more consistent part of the offense. Tyreek Hill will likely see a lot of targets, and Travis Kelce is always a great weapon. If Mahomes is struggling when this game comes around, the Ravens will feast. This game and the Week 16 Los Angeles Chargers game could likely determine a wild-card spot, especially if Mahomes is playing well.

  1. Week Three: vs Denver Broncos

The Broncos are likely going to get better as the season goes along. Case Keenum is the new quarterback, and many Broncos fans are excited. It’s a huge upgrade over last season. It is likely going to take some time before Keenum is totally comfortable in the offense. Look for Keenum to struggle a little bit in this game, not quite on the same page as his receivers yet. On the eve of the crazy stretch of the schedule, look for the Ravens to capitalize against Denver.

  1. Week 12: vs Oakland Raiders

It’s tough to tell what the Raiders defense is going to look like for 2018. Jon Gruden is the new head coach, and he has been out of the game for a while. Khalil Mack and the Raiders aren’t even talking right now, and don’t look to be headed towards an answer soon. Jordy Nelson has replaced Michael Crabtree, who is now in Baltimore. If Mack leaves for somewhere else, the Ravens will be favored in this game aside from home field advantage. The Ravens defense is better than the Raiders offense, and with Mack out, the opposite is true as well.

  1. Week 15: Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Tampa is a hard team to pin down. Jameis Winston has played fairly well on the field. The immaturity is still a huge issue. He will start the season with a three-game suspension. If he doesn’t play well when he comes back, he might not even be the quarterback for this game. Mike Evans is healthy and happy after signing his new contract and will help whoever is under center. This game is going to be influenced greatly by whoever that is, as Tampa doesn’t have much of a running game to speak of. Look for the Ravens to handle Tampa on the ground, and limit them through the air. If Winston is firing on all cylinders, it will be a different story. The combination of Evans, DeSean Jackson, Cameron Brate, and O.J. Howard will be tough to contain.

  1. Week 17: Cleveland Browns

This game could easily be the most important one of the season for the Ravens. Baltimore is a team that should finish with around 9-10 wins. As the Bengals proved last year, it doesn’t matter your record, you can beat anyone. Baltimore will still need to be careful against the Browns here regardless if Cleveland is 2-13 or 11-4. The end of the year games are hard to predict, as they are heavily dependent on health. New players no one is expecting will be impactful as well. Cleveland’s lines are going to be the positions to watch in this game. The toll of a full season paired with youth and inexperience is going to make or break Cleveland in this game.

  1. Week Two: at Cincinnati Bengals

  2. Week 11: Cincinnati Bengals

I’m lumping the Bengals together for their two games against the Ravens this year. Baltimore will pressure the Bengals consistently with their weak offensive line. This is going to prevent John Ross from getting deep and being a threat. Jimmy Smith and Marlon Humphrey should be able to contain A.J. Green. Alex Collins, behind an offensive line that couldn’t be more hurt than 2017, should have great games. With the weapons at Flacco’s disposal and his job on the line, he should eat up a Bengals team that tore the hearts out of all Baltimore fans to end 2017.

  1. Week 1: Buffalo Bills

Yes, the Ravens lost out on the final playoff spot to the Bills in 2017. Since then, things have gone downhill fast in Buffalo. Tyrod Taylor is gone, and LeSean McCoy is dealing with non-football issues. Kelvin Benjamin has been running his mouth faster than he can run a 40. The Bills are either going to start A.J. McCarron, Nathan Peterman, or Josh Allen. It doesn’t matter who it is, the Ravens are going to feast on whoever shows up under center. Look for struggles out of the Buffalo signal caller in the opening week of the season.

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