New York Jets Rookie Tight End Chris Herndon Charged With DWI

Chris Herndon

New York Jets rookie tight endĀ Chris Herndon has been charged with driving while intoxicated (DWI), the latest example that this team just can’t stay out of trouble.

Herndon crashed his Nissan Armada in Rockaway Township, N.J. The incident occurred at 4:45 am on June 4th. He injured another driver, Albert Elliott, 76, also from New Jersey. Elliott’s injuries were minor. Elliott was using his Toyota FJ-40 Landcruiser to tow another vehicle at the time of the crash.

New York Jets Rookie Tight End Chris Herndon Arrested for Drunk Driving

Herndon was selected out of the University of Miami in the fourth round of the 2018 NFL Draft. The rookie tight end dropped in the draft due to a knee injury. His contract is four years and approximately $3 million.

Eyewitnesses at the scene observed Herndon being taken away in handcuffs. Herndon was later processed by New Jersey State Police and given a breathalyzer test. He was charged with DWI after the crash.

This is just the latest incident involving players from the Jets and illegal activities. Linebacker Dylan Donahue was also arrested recently. He drove his car the wrong way down the Lincoln Tunnel. The linebacker was also charged with DWI. Donahue entered a rehabilitation facility shortly after his arrest. Wide receiver Robby Anderson was arrested for felony assault and threatening the family of a police officer. The most serious charges have been dropped. Former Jet Sheldon Richardson was arrested for speeding when he had a child in the car.

Head coach Todd Bowles needs to give his team an intervention. The players must understand that their actions have consequences. Bowles has been consistently giving his players second chances, but the number of incidents has now reached a troubling frequency.

Jets DriveĀ is in need of some discipline. The team’s political stance has also placed a target on their backs. The spotlight on this team is already bright and their conduct must be above reproach. The pressures of a typical NFL season is difficult enough. The Jets can’t afford any more distractions.

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