The New Orleans Saints Should Bring Back Darius Victor

Darius Victor

The New Orleans Saints find themselves in a predicament. Running back Mark Ingram is going to be out four games for the start of the 2018 season, and the Saints need a replacement. Albeit, Alvin Kamara could probably carry the load. However, using Kamara too much could be risky. In order to minimize the risk of injury to Kamara, the New Orleans Saints should bring back Darius Victor.

New Orleans Saints Should Bring Back Darius Victor

The last thing the Saints wanna do is overuse their star of a running back. Who Dat Nation may remember this name. In 2017, Darius ‘Vito’ Victor made it to the final cuts last year. He made quite an impression in the Black and Gold. Victor ran for 135 yards on 35 carries and a touchdown with the New Orleans Saints.

Eventually, Victor landed on the Arizona Cardinals practice squad. Entering 2017, the Saints were pretty loaded at the running back position. However, now is the time to reach out to him at least for a look. Coincidentally, Victor just got released by the Cardinals on May 1st.

Victor has already made a name for himself through training camp and would be a resourceful running back. He’s a runner that’s not afraid to earn tough yards between the tackles.

Victor isn’t going to wow anyone with his speed or moves. That being said, the role to pick up blitzes and break tackles is second to none. Victor has a skill set similar to that of former Jacksonville Jaguars running back Maurice Jones-Drew. Drew also had that low center of gravity, making it difficult for anyone to lay a solid lick on him.

Victor comes from Towson University and scored 41 touchdowns in 41 games there. He would be an excellent asset to try out. His running style is violent, aggressive, and straightforward.

Granted, The Saints have a ton of running backs coming into training camp this year as well. Then again, no one has the frame and running style that compares to ‘Vito.’ Hopefully, the Saints will give him another look, to see if he’s still the beast from last year.


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