Tyrell Crosby Is a Perfect Fit for the New York Jets

Tyrell Crosby

It has been more than a decade since the New York Jets drafted a truly impactful offensive lineman in the NFL draft. The likes of Nick Mangold and D’Brickashaw Ferguson have come and gone without a true successor ever emerging behind them. The result is a Jets offensive line which is riddled with holes and devoid of depth heading into 2018. The Jets are unlikely to use their first-round pick on anything other than a quarterback. Lacking capital in this year’s draft, the Jets will have to look a bit deeper if they wish to find a player who can break this trend. Oregon tackle Tyrell Crosby could very well be available when the Jets pick in round 3, and he is a perfect fit for the team.

Tyrell Crosby Could Give the New York Jets Offensive Line Much-Needed Depth

The Jets need an anchor on the offensive line. Such a player is difficult to find in any draft, and the Jets’ limited capital makes this task all the more daunting. Yet, Crosby is a player who could pay off immensely for the team.


Crosby is a wide-bodied, 6’5″, 325-pound tackle with experience on both the left and right sides of the line. Wherever he lines up in the NFL, one thing sure to translate is his strength. Crosby is a mauling run-blocker with the kind of mean streak that makes teams salivate. His size and drive allow him to lock into a defender which makes it extremely difficult for said defender to be a factor in a play. Crosby’s strength and good first step could also allow him to play guard in the NFL.


Crosby has lined up at both right and left tackle at Oregon. Experience at both positions could help ease his transition into the NFL. Yet it is the natural tools that Crosby possesses that truly illustrate his versatility. Crosby is a mean run blocker and has more pure speed than foot quickness. This speed could help to allow Crosby to get out in front of run plays and be an effective pulling guard. His strength could also be big in neutralizing some of the strongest interior rushers in the NFL. The Jets are a team that needs help all over the offensive line. The best case scenario is that they find a starting tackle for the next decade in selecting Crosby. Even if he doesn’t live up to such a lofty billing, the Jets could end up with a player who provides much-needed depth at both tackle spots, and the guard position.

Why he May Not Pan Out

Crosby’s projected draft spot is indicative of a flawed prospect. Jets fans should not expect a sure thing at tackle if their third-round selection is Crosby. Hand placement is a serious issue in Crosby’s game. A tendency to grab outside a defender’s numbers could result in a high penalty total. Additionally, Crosby does not have the quickest feet, an issue that could have faster edge rushers throwing him off balance and getting by him on the edge.

Fit With the Jets

Crosby would likely come in immediately as a depth player on the Jets. A move to guard could end up being the best move for his future and would help to remedy issues with his foot quickness. During the 2018 season, Crosby would likely remain as a depth player barring injury. The Jets lack of quality offensive linemen would likely thrust him into the starting lineup in the event of any injury to a tackle or guard. If Crosby shows potential in 2018, he could replace Brian Winters or James Carpenter as a starting guard in 2019. Exceeding expectations could see the Jets finding a franchise tackle for a measly third round price tag.

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