Why Josh Rosen Fits With the New York Jets

Josh Rosen

UCLA is sending the NFL its best this off-season in quarterback Josh Rosen. A top prospect, he is a consensus top-five selection this year. While multiple teams have seemingly fallen in love with the California kid, one team stands out as the best fit. The premier landing spot for Rosen would be the New York Jets.

The New York Jets Are a Perfect Fit for Josh Rosen

Gang Green is unequivocally going through a rebuild, but they have a talented team going into the draft. The defense looks to dominate future opponents with Leonard Williams and Jamal Adams. The offense is on the rise as well, as a young receiving corps is matched with an intriguing run game and an average offensive line. The true hole in this offense is the paramount position of quarterback. Quarterback is far and away the most important position in football, and New York should try to rectify this roster flaw with the third overall pick.

Coaching wise, the Jets are also an adequate fit for “Chosen Rosen.” New offensive coordinator Jeremy Bates has implemented a system that fits Rosen’s strengths. Bates requires high accuaracy and confidence to throw into tight windows. Fortunately, Rosen possessed both key skills. With a scheme almost tailor-made for him and a roster waiting for his arrival, the Jets should welcome Rosen with open arms.

Josh Rosen on the Field

Rosen is best described as an accurate, pocket dominant passer who can deceive defenses with his eyes and at times with his legs. Calling himself the best passer in the class, Rosen knows his worth and consistently shows his talent off. As previously stated, he fits the Jets scheme well and can flourish in it. He is one of the most accurate passers in the class, goes through progressions like an elite signal caller, and has the cleanest mechanics one can find. He is arguably the best quarterback prospect since Colts passer Andrew Luck. Rosen has that elite competitive toughness and winning mentality that the Jets would covet because they really haven’t had that in an eternity.

Josh Rosen off the Field

To quote his own college coach, Jim Mora, “He needs to be challenged intellectually so he doesn’t get bored.” Rosen repeatedly exhibits a mind most envy, to a point some are concerned he is too aware of health risks that could deter him from playing football. The notion that he could get destroyed by the New York City media is commonly played, but false. He knows the environment he is in and he is observant, outspoken, and well-informed. The character concerns are more of a joke than anything else and there is not much off the field that can hinder his future. Rosen is a lot smarter than almost everyone around him, so his ability to learn and articulate would be wasted if not in the Big Apple.

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