Cleveland Browns Acquire Jarvis Landry in Trade

Jarvis Landry

Jarvis Landry has reportedly been traded by the Miami Dolphins. The Cleveland Browns will receive Landry and send two draft picks to Miami in the exchange.

Cleveland Browns Acquire Jarvis Landry in Trade

Landry will be an immediate upgrade for the Browns, the first team to finish a season 0-16 since the 2008 Detroit Lions. After their winless season, the Browns have a host of off-season resources at their disposal. According to Over The Cap, Cleveland has roughly $114 million in cap space, more than enough to lure in high-end talent. To compare, the team with the second-most amount of cap space would be the New York Jets with just under $90 million.

The Browns also have 12 picks in the upcoming 2018 NFL Draft, including two in the first round. Cleveland is sending one pick from the 2018 Draft and one pick from the 2019 Draft to Miami, so the team still has a wealth of opportunity to revitalize the team after years of irrelevancy. According to ESPN’s Adam Schefter, neither of the picks the Browns are sending to the Fins are in the first or second round.

Landry spent the last four seasons with the Dolphins after the team took him in the second round (63rd overall) in the 2014 draft. He has topped 1,000 receiving yards twice in his career. He fell short of the 1,000-yard mark in 2017 but collected a career-high nine receiving touchdowns for the Dolphins.

The talented young receiver will join an offensive roster in Cleveland with very few stars with which to share the spotlight. The embattled Josh Gordon recently made his return to the team after a lengthy separation from the league. Gordon saw success in his return despite the seemingly never-ending lack of competence at quarterback in Cleveland.

If Cleveland can remedy the situation at quarterback and find a suitable replacement for the soon-to-depart Isaiah Crowell at running back, the Browns offense might be worth a second look headed into 2018.

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