Does Misery Love Company? What the Denver Broncos and New England Patriots Now Have in Common

Denver Broncos

Throughout the Denver Broncos franchise history, they’ve been known for a number of things: having an explosive offense, dominating on defense, and of course, acquiring legendary quarterback Peyton Manning onto their roster. This is enough information to convince any out-of-state fan to think about moving to Denver. A city that’s known for its red chile sauce, Colorado burrito, Southwest omelet, and the Rocky Mountains. But before that, the Broncos were also known for something else – losing Super Bowls. When they lost their first four, they joined the Minnesota Vikings, Buffalo Bills, and the New England Patriots – who joined in 2012. However, this party was short lived because Super Bowl 48 happened. It was a game that featured lots of doubt, uncertainty, and embarrassment for the organization and their fans.

Does Misery Love Company? What the Denver Broncos and New England Patriots Now Have in Common

After the team suffered their first blowout to the Seahawks, the Broncos became the only team in NFL history to lose five Super Bowls. Fortunately for the Broncos, they didn’t have to wait long because Super Bowl 52 happened. And although the Patriots were favored in this game – like the Broncos were in Super Bowl 48 – they not only came up short of getting another Super Bowl victory, they also joined the Broncos as one of two teams in NFL history to have lost the Super Bowl five times. This means that Tom Brady has now joined John Elway as one of the few quarterbacks to have multiple Super Bowl defeats under their belt.

Who Will Reach Six Super Bowl Defeats First?

All jokes aside, however, Brady is still considered to be the best quarterback to ever play the game of football. Despite his multiple Super Bowl losses, the Patriots have a total of 10 Super Bowl appearances compared to the Broncos eight. So it only makes sense for these two teams to be at the top of the list when it comes to Super Bowl defeats. The only question at this point is, which team will suffer their sixth Super Bowl loss first? Will it be the Broncos or the Patriots? It’s a question no reporter or player can answer at the moment.

Fans, however, can count on their respected teams to learn from their Super Bowl defeats and come up with ways to avoid losing yet another ring. The Broncos, for example, are on the hunt to acquire a quarterback – or two – depending on how free agency goes. But in order to do so, they’ll have to focus on their salary cap expenses and see what strings their general manager John Elway can pull to get them the player they need. As of right now, the Broncos have 59 players on their roster for the upcoming 2018 NFL season. If the salary cap is a major concern for the team, then they would have anywhere from $24.5 million and $26.7 million to get the right guy under center. Let’s not forget that some of the players on their roster have what’s called “playing time escalators” from past years that increase their 2018 salary.

That means the Broncos, in particular, have enough space to do business, but not enough to dive head first into free agency. That is unless they release, trade, or cut players salary, which is unlikely at this point. And although they’ve never been known to spend a hefty amount on players – unless you’re Peyton Manning or Von Miller — expect them to do so for a quarterback.

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