The New York Giants Don’t Need to Take a Quarterback With the Second Overall Pick

New York Giants

In a few months, the New York Giants will be drafting in a position they hope to never be in again anytime soon. With the second overall pick in the NFL Draft, many would suspect that the Giants are in a prime position to grab their next franchise quarterback. However, this may not necessarily be the best option. Under the new leadership of Dave Gettleman and Pat Shurmur, here are three reasons why the Giants don’t need to take a quarterback at number two.

The New York Giants Don’t Need to Take a Quarterback With the Second Overall Pick

Quarterback Trust Issues

If the Giants are to pick a player at number two, they have to hit. A bust with the second overall pick in the draft can set a franchise back years. While it may be tempting to try to snag a future signal-caller at this spot, no quarterback in this draft is a sure thing. The most popular name surrounding the Giants right now is Josh Rosen. Rosen is a gifted pocket passer with the highest talent floor of the potential first-round quarterbacks. However, his injury history could be a major red flag. Over the past decade, the Giants have had nothing but consistency at the quarterback position. Handing the reins over to an injury-prone quarterback with an offensive line that still needs a major renovation could be a disastrous combination.

The other two quarterbacks that could be in play here are Josh Allen and Sam Darnold. Again, these are two quarterbacks that could be great, but there is nothing there to guarantee their college problems will not carry over into the NFL. Allen has tremendous potential. However, his accuracy issues could be problematic. With the guidance of Shurmur, he could be a future star. However, he will be a project for whatever team that drafts him. Same is the case with Darnold. He brings a lot to the table, but his recurring turnover issues should be a reason for concern. Gettleman will have to weigh the pros and cons of each of these three players before April.

Trading Back

Maybe the safest option for the Giants, trading back from the second overall pick could provide the best value for the new regime. For starters, the Giants could trade back and still draft their quarterback of the future while also accumulating more picks. Another second round and mid-round pick could give the Giants more opportunities to fill positions with question marks. Alternatively, they could trade back and snag an offensive tackle or maybe a linebacker at a position where the pick to value ratio makes a little more sense. This could allow them to take a quarterback like Lamar Jackson or Mason Rudolph in the second round to develop and compete with Davis Webb. The important thing to note is that the Giants are not in full rebuild mode just yet. While going 3-13 this season was disappointing, the Giants were a contender at 11-5 the year before. Eli Manning still has some juice left in him. Winning now should still be the Giants first priority.

Saquon Barkley

Saquon Barkley is a future NFL star. If the Browns don’t snag him with the first pick, Gettleman and company should strongly consider the Penn State product. Barkley can do it all. He can run, catch, return kicks, and even jump over the other team’s best player. Someone with draft grades in comparison to Adrian Peterson coming out of college should not be overlooked. He is a threat every time he steps on the field. An Odell Beckham/Barkley combination would have defenses shaking in their boots. He would immediately contribute to the run game and draw enough attention to give Eli time to exploit defenses. He is the top talent in the draft. If Gettleman is serious about taking the best player available, Barkley is a no-brainer.

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