Super Bowl LII Prop Bets and Predictions

FOXBOROUGH, MA - JANUARY 21: A Super Bowl LII hat is shown during the AFC Championship Game between the New England Patriots and the Jacksonville Jaguars at Gillette Stadium on January 21, 2018 in Foxborough, Massachusetts. (Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images)

Super Bowl LII, which kicks off on Feb. 4, 2018, will feature both number one seeds, the New England Patriots and the Philadelphia Eagles. With the Super Bowl comes a lot of fanfare and of course gambling. But fans don’t have to limit their wagering to the over/under (47.5), spread (Patriots -5), or straight up outcome of the game. There are a number of prop bets on which fans can put money. Below are some Super Bowl LII prop bets and predictions.

Super Bowl LII Prop Bets and Predictions

Length of the National Anthem (sung by Pink)

Over 2:00: -180

Under 2:00: +140

In the last 12 Super Bowls , with a line at two minutes, the over/under would be 6-6. The average length of time for each of those performances is one minute 58 seconds. Pink probably won’t drag out her performance, so go with the under.

Color of Pink’s hair when she start singing the National Anthem?

Pink/red: +150

White/blond: +175

Brown/black: +400

Blue/purple: +500

Green: +500

The pick would have been white/blond, but Pink’s hometown is Philadelphia and she is rather excited to be performing the National Anthem at the Super Bowl when the Eagles are playing. With that, green is the choice.

Will Pink be airborne at any point during the National Anthem?

Yes: +150

No: -200

Pink usually ends up airborne (or on the side of a building) during her performances, so if she was doing the halftime show she would definitely end up airborne. But Pink will probably stick with two feet on the ground for the National Anthem and simply give a great vocal performance.

Will Pink forget or omit a word from the National Anthem?

Yes: +300

No: -500

Forgetting or omitting a word is something that can definitely happen, but Pink will remember and sing all of the words (unlike when Donald Trump messed up mouthing the words).

Pink wears a Philadelphia Eagles shirt or hat while singing the National Anthem.

Yes: +200

No: -500

It’s doubtful Pink wears any hat, but an Eagles shirt is absolutely a possibility. An Eagles jacket would seem like the best bet, but that’s not one of the choices.

Pink says “Eagles” before, during or after the National Anthem.

Yes: +110

No: -150

Pink definitely will not say Eagles during her performance, but she absolutely might say it before or after (after is the most likely).

Will Tom Brady wear a bandage on his right hand?

Yes: -130

No: +100

As of now, yes, Tom Brady will wear a bandage on his right hand. However, the game is still over a week away so that could easily change. It is completely dependent upon how fast his hand heals.

Which company gets the first commercial after the coin toss?

Bud Light: 15/1

Budweiser: 15/1

Coca-Cola: 19/1

Hyundai: 19/1

Pepsi: 19/1

Skittles: 19/1

Mars/M&Ms: 24/1

Kia: 24/1

Field: 2/3

Go with the field. Some company will come out of nowhere to get the coveted first commercial spot. However, if a company from the above list does get the first commercial, go with Bud Light, who will probably have at least one “dilly, dilly” commercial during the big game.

How many times Al Michaels and Chris Collinsworth say “dynasty.”

Over 2.5: -130

Under 2.5: +100

Take the over. Repeat, take the over. Either announcer will probably reach the over by themselves. The duo is easily good for at least three mentions of “dynasty.”

Will Al Michaels or Cris Collinsworth say “City of Brotherly Love”?

Yes: +150

No: -180

Yes. Al Michaels will probably be the one to say it, but one of these two announcers will  say it at some point during the broadcast.

Team that scores first wins the game.

Yes: -180

No: +150

No. The Patriots have never scored in the first quarter in any of their Super Bowl appearances so they probably won’t score first. But, Bill Belichick and company probably win a really close game.

Odds a player in the game is featured in a commercial: 49/1

It’s doubtful that this happens.

Odds Justin Timberlake makes his entrance via:

Zipline: 2/1

Car: 5/1

Motorcycle: 7/1

Jet pack: 15/1

Dog sled: 20/1

Parachute: 50/1

Field: 3/1

Justin Timberlake starting his performance on a zipline would be amazing, but it probably won’t happen. For some reason him entering via a parachute makes sense.

Odds on the song Justin Timberlake will open his halftime set/show with:

Can’t Stop The Feeling! +150

Sexyback +175

Rock Your Body +400

Cry Me A River +500

Mirrors +550

Filthy +750

True Colors +800

Love Never Felt So Good +900

What Goes Around…Comes Around +1000

Senorita +1250

Suit & Tie +1500

Field – Any Other Song +200

Timberlake performed Can’t Stop the Feeling! at the Oscars, but his new album, Man of the Woods, comes out on Feb 2 (two days before the Super Bowl) and the first single (Filthy) from that album makes sense as an opener (even though Say Something and Supplies are both much better songs). After performing Filthy, JT will probably go into a medley of hits.

Odds to make a guest appearances during the halftime show

T.I.: 2/1

Jay-Z: 5/1

Beyonce: 6/1

Jimmy Fallon: 6/1

Timbaland: 7/1

Nelly Furtado: 8/1

Rihanna: 15/1

Drake: 20/1

Britney Spears: 22/1

Snoop Dogg: 25/1

Ciara: 25/1

Madonna: 40/1

‘NSYNC: 100/1

Janet Jackson: 200/1

Justin Timberlake is incredibly talented and his halftime performance will probably be amazing, regardless of who joins him. That being said, he needs to bring Janet Jackson on stage so they can perform together again. For some reason everyone only blamed Janet and not Justin for the last time they performed at the Super Bowl together. It’s not necessarily Justin’s fault that everyone reacted the way they did, but he owes it to Janet.

From the above list, Jay-Z, Beyoncé and Drake make the most sense.

Odds to win Super Bowl LII MVP

Tom Brady (Patriots): 5/4

Nick Foles (Eagles): 7/1

Dion Lewis (Patriots): 14/1

Rob Gronkowski (Patriots): 14/1

Danny Amendola (Patriots): 18/1

Zach Ertz (Eagles): 22/1

Jay Ajayi (Eagles): 22/1

Fletcher Cox (Eagles): 29/1

Brandon Graham (Eagles): 29/1

Field: 9/1

Tom Brady will probably take home yet another Lombardi trophy and Super Bowl MVP.

Color of Gatorade bath for the winning head coach/team:

Clear (water) +200

Green/Yellow +300

Red +500

Blue +500

Orange +750

No liquid thrown +1500

The Patriots probably go with red Gatorade so Bill Belichick will (hopefully for Patriots fans) get a red Gatorade bath.

Enjoy the game, it should be very entertaining.

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