Scripting the New Orleans Saints 10 Opening Plays Versus the Minnesota Vikings

New Orleans Saints 10 Opening Plays

Just about everything has been written about the upcoming game for the New Orleans Saints versus the Minnesota Vikings this Sunday. In fact, there’s very little that hasn’t been measured and broken down for this game. That being said, the game plan is not something any outsider can know for sure without having an internal spy (See New England Spygate). Nevertheless, this is something that hasn’t been done before the game. That is until now….

Scripting the New Orleans Saints 10 Opening Plays versus the Minnesota Vikings

As was previously stated, this is a pre-planned script made from scratch, one which could throw the Vikings off balance. After studying the Vikings for hours on end, there doesn’t seem to be many weaknesses at all. That being the case, this is my game plan pre-scripted. Moreover, this is just the first 10 plays, regardless of who gets the ball first and the score. Legendary coach Bill Walsh used to do this all the time.

First Possession

  • The Saints start at their own 25-yard line and it’s first and 10.
  • First, the Saints throw a quick hitch to Ted Ginn to the outside up to the 31-yard line. It’s now second down and about four.
  • Next, Mark Ingram gets the ball and runs off left tackle for a couple of yards to the 33-yard line. Now it’s third and two.
  • Third, The Vikings hopefully are gonna be playing up expecting a run. This allows for a nice play action pass to either Mike Thomas or Coby Fleener. Important to note, Drew Brees should quickly deliver the ball as the Vikings are gonna be in the backfield quickly. A 12-yard gain would be an excellent outcome. First and 10 on the Saints 45-yard line.
  • For the fourth play, once again throwing the ball should keep the Vikings guessing. This time a little screen pass out to Alvin Kamara should be a nice change of pace. This one could go for five to 15 yards. Let’s call it second down and three at the Minnesota 48-yard line.
  • This fifth play would be a nice time to go for a stop and go route long to Ginn. Regardless if this works or not, it sends a message. The Saints offense is gonna test the Vikings secondary. Staying optimistic, the completion is made by Brees for 38 yards. First and goal at the 10-yard line.
  • In a tight formation the Saints decide to toss it one more time. A timing pattern is setup to the deep corner of the end zone. Michael Thomas hauls it in and drags his feet for six. Saints score a touchdown.

Starting off quickly

A lot can happen from the first to second possession. Minnesota will be looking to open up their own playbooks with a mix of quick passes and runs. The Saints are gonna need to put up a lot of points to keep up.

Regardless, the Saints first two possessions are going to be critical to keep the crowd noise at a minimum. If the Saints can counteract the home field advantage slightly early on, the game becomes more of a game of execution without much outer interference. The only way the game can be turned towards the Minnesota Vikings is the decibel noise. The Saints need to start quick and score touchdowns. Look for Sean Payton to be aggressive on play calling. That means going for it on fourth downs if it’s short yardage.

Second Possession

Hopefully, the Saints will get better field position on this second possession. Saints start out on their own 44-yard line.

  • Now the Saints have plenty of options after the deluge of pass completions, including the long pass by Brees. Still, the Vikings are tough against the pass and rush. On first down, the Saints go right up the middle to Ingram for about three yards. Not much there but it will keep the Vikings honest.
  • No doubt, the Saints should wanna keep pounding it. Give to Ingram again off tackle right. Similarly, a tough run for about three yards. Third down and about four yards for the Saints.
  • A passing play should be expected. However, the Saints run the ball again. This time its a sweep left where Kamara gets free and runs it down the sideline for about 25 yards. His usual hurdles and breaking tackles sets up the Saints deep in Vikings territory. First and 10 at the Vikings 25-yard line.
  • Perfect time for another play action pass. Additionally, here’s a name that Saints fans have been screaming for; Willie Snead breaks free down the middle and catches it for a touchdown. He runs over an ongoing tackler for another score.

Scripting plays in football is very difficult with so many intangible outcomes that could impact the play calling for sure. However, the key to this game is to just keep the Vikings guessing. Coaching must be top notch in this game; Sean Payton will be be ready.

If any of y’all have alternative ideas for plays to start the game we’d love to hear them. Our Twitter is handle is @LastWordonNFL or my handle, @deannoelmullen

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