Green, Gold and Bold: Week 17 Green Bay Packers Podcast

Week 17 Green Bay Packers Podcast

Again, Aaron Flottum was missing this week as he prepares for a move. Jonathan Barnett walks you through the last game of the torturous 2017 season. The finale did not help lift anyone’s spirits. The Green Bay Packers suffered through a 35-11 loss to the Detroit Lions. In the Week 17 Green Bay Packers podcast, there were several things to discuss.

Green, Gold and Bold: Week 17 Green Bay Packers Podcast

While the news of this loss would have dominated most weeks, there was too much going on in Green Bay this week to stay here. The loss did ensure the Packers finished with a losing record , a fate unseen in Green Bay in some time. Still, this 7-9 team has plenty of talent and will easily be in the running for the division title again in 2018.

2017 ended with the release of several defensive staff members. First on the list was Dom Capers. The defensive coordinator had spent the last nine years in Green Bay. He was the defensive coordinator of the last Super Bowl team in Green Bay. Still, this defense has been the one thing keeping the Packers from returning to the Super Bowl the last several seasons. The Packers have been among the bottom half of the teams in the NFL in most defensive rankings in the years since the Super Bowl.

There have been several names bounced around as possible successors. One of the main names, gaining lots of attention, has been Vic Fangio. This would be an incredible upgrade. Still, it would be a terrible oversight to ignore the great work Capers did in getting a defense ready to make a Super Bowl run. While it was clearly time to move on, it does not mean Capers has been some absolute failure with this team.

Farewell to Ted Thompson

There are now multiple reports that Ted Thompson will be moving on to another position within the Packers organization. This will likely lead to the promotion of Eliot Wolf or Brian Gutenkunst being promoted (through Russ Ball is in the conversation as well).

It would be a great mistake to be, as some loudly are, dismissive of the great job Thompson has done. The Packers have been a contender for a decade. While there have been issues with getting enough out of certain players or situations, this team has had depth and great talent. The podcast thanks Thompson and hopes for renewed greatness ahead.

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