Atlanta Hate Week – New Orleans Saints Christmas Eve Special

NewOrleans Saints Christmas Eve

Hate is just simply not a strong enough word to use, for Who Dat Nation talking Atlanta Falcons. The New Orleans Saints play the Atlanta Falcons today and it’s going to be war.

Some people may hate spinach at an early age, to find out later it’s not so bad. Perhaps others may have a disdain for their bad haircut, but that can be fixed with time. In addition, the holidays can even be a drag for many people right now. (People like myself putting off their shopping till last minute.) The hate gets real waiting in those lines this time of year. In reality though, the hate is merely a temporary distaste for something or someone, that really isn’t the object of their genuine displeasure.

Atlanta Hate Week – New Orleans Saints Christmas Eve Special

Atlanta Hate Week

Regardless, when the Atlanta Falcons are mentioned in New Orleans, a natural jolt of anger moves through the body. Being a native New Orleanian for over 30 years makes that a fact for me and many others. First and foremost, this rivalry cuts deep and goes way back. Intermix a division title on the line on Christmas Eve, and the game is a recipe for a slugfest.

There are so many examples and history between the two over the years. A lot of the childish rhetoric and despicable behavior has come from the Atlanta side. In fact, it’s impossible to name every instance and garbage humor from the Falcon fans. Ironically, both teams have shared many players like Bobby Hebert, Joe Horn, and Morten Andersen.

Andersen was just inducted in to the NFL Hall of Fame in the last class. Andersen knows more than anyone the loyalty Saints fans have versus the Atlanta Falcons. “Saints fans are more loyal. They come to every game, just like they did when the Saints were the Aints and fans wore bags on their heads. If the Falcons are bad, the fans don’t show up.”

In any case, the fan base of Atlanta is simply classless. The level of low class filth from the “Rise Up” side has been despicable. From making fun of our hero a Steve Gleason who is battling ALS to vandalism. Really, the fans are in a class of their own; and believe me that is not a class something the city should be proud of.

Football is just a game for sure. Life will go on win or lose. But the repulsion against the Falcons runs deep. How deep?

The Hate Runs Deep

Just envision this if you are on the outside looking in on this rivalry. Mardi Gras is a big deal here in New Orleans, in case you’ve been hiding underneath a rock.

Of course, there are so many things that stand out: the parades, bands, and loads of fun. Be that as it may, there is something that everyone is searching for every 10 seconds: A bathroom is simply a luxury around Mardi Gras time. Unfortunately, many of the parade goers will likely end up in a Port-O-Let. Those are miniature plastic bathrooms that provide an important service for the public.

Now imagine being trapped in there for 24 hours turned upside down. That’s how Who Dat Nation feels about the Atlanta Falcons. That’s just a snippet, but the picture should be clear enough.

If that’s not clear enough, take a stroll down one of those dark alleys in the French Quarter late at night. Then, find a dumpster and jump in like it’s the 4th of July for a dip in the pool. The garbage that surrounds you smells like the aroma of the “Dirty Bird” cologne.

Call it what you want. The Falcon fans are always trying to make believe that the they are fans with who are sophisticated and respectful. Give me a break! Seriously, who would embrace the name Dirty Birds anyway?

Putting all that aside, the only thing that matters, is what happens on the field today. Two rivals battling on Christmas Eve for a playoff spot. There’s no gray area here; you are either naughty or nice. Either Black and Gold or that other thing. There’s a nice ring to the 2017 New Orleans Saints as NFC South Champions of course. Falcon fans aren’t allowed to have nice things.

One could give 283 reasons why that is, but everyone already knows the story.

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