Green, Gold and Bold: Week 15 Green Bay Packers Podcast

Week 15 Green Bay Packers Podcast

On the Week 15 Green Bay Packers Podcast here at Last Word on Sports, Jonathan Barnett and Aaron Flottum talk you through the week that was.  In this week’s installment of Green, Gold & Bold, the guys give you the walk through of the game that was. The promising start of a must have game. Aaron Rodgers had two touchdowns and one interception to start things off. Randall Cobb and Davante Adams both scored touchdowns as the Packers took a 14-10 lead into the locker room at half time.

Green, Gold and Bold: Week 15 Green Bay Packers Podcast

The Fall

Without Adams, the Packers sputtered on offense. Randall Cobb led the team in targets and Jordy Nelson was still not particularly targeted in the passing attack. The Packers also leaned heavily on Rodgers and only ran the ball on 13 designed running plays. Rodgers did add six scrambles. Rodgers threw interceptions on the first two drives of the second half and everything got out of control. All of Rodgers interceptions were 18 plus yards down the field.

Looking Ahead

The biggest problem remains a defense that surrendered 31 points this week. The Packers continue to have the worst red zone defense in football. The sack numbers continue to fall and the takeaways have been few and far between. After seeing unimaginative schemes,  Jonathan and Aaron discuss their feelings about the coaching staff going forward. Some coaches like Edgar Bennett, James Campen, and Joe Whitt have done good jobs. and should be safe. However, others should be let go. The guys agree with most of Packer fandom, Dom Capers needs to go.

It was a somber sort of week. Seeing the Packers playoff hopes fall apart and having to face two more weeks of nothing to play for has many down. Still, Green, Gold & Bold remains high energy and full of charm.  Listen today to get the insights into the Green Bay Packers.

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