Sunday’s Victory Changes Nothing for John Fox

John Fox

The Chicago Bears put together their most impressive outing of the 2017 season with a decisive 33-7 victory over the Cincinnati Bengals. Unfortunately, this does not change what lies ahead for John Fox.

With a 4-9 record, the Bears will experience their third losing season under Fox. In fact, Fox has yet to produce more than six wins in a season with Chicago. A culture of defeat has been created in a once proud football city. It is clear that a change must be made.

Before signing with the Bears, John Fox was not accustomed to so much losing. In his 13 years as a head coach with the Carolina Panthers and Denver Broncos, he coached 15 postseason games. In addition, he brought each franchise to the Super Bowl. However, he could never get over that final hump and bring home a championship.

Sunday’s Victory Changes Nothing for John Fox

John Fox Must Still Be Fired

Sometimes, victories during a disappointing season can be blown out of proportion. After a few weeks of awful play, a decisive win could create a false image and portray the current situation as “better than we thought”.

Unfortunately, Sunday’s outcome does little to change the current state of the Bears. They are still destined to be at the bottom of the NFC North and should lock up a decent position in the draft.

However, this rebuilding franchise has a lot of promising young players that can become the core of this team’s future. The Bears need to bring in a coach who can instill a winning mindset into his players and put them in situations where they can experience success. At this point in his career, Fox is not the man to do that. Failure has become the way of life under his leadership. Chicago must now take steps to remove the team out of that hole.

Some Promise Provided

Sunday’s game did not salvage Fox’s career in Chicago. However, it did provide some hope for the future.

Rookie quarterback Mitch Trubisky experienced the best game of his young career. He looked confident every time he took to the field, completing 25 of 32 passes for 271 yards and one touchdown. Trubisky is continuing to make steps in the right direction and could be a successful quarterback in Chicago, especially under the right coach.

The running game looked spectacular, dictating the pace of the game and keeping the Bears on the field. Jordan Howard carried the ball 23 times for 147 yards and two touchdowns, while Tarik Cohen rushed for 80 yards on 12 carries. In addition, Kendall Wright recorded 107 receiving yards, becoming the first Chicago receiver to go over 100 yards this season.

In regards to the defense, they also got the job done. They prevented the Bengals from accomplishing anything significant, forcing turnovers as well.

To be fair, Cincinnati is far from strong football team this season. The Bears victory would have been more jaw-dropping if it were over a legitimate playoff contender. Still, witnessing the future of this franchise succeed provides a positive outlook towards the Bears future.

Turning a New Leaf

More than any other sport, professional football demands immediate results. Poor performances will only be tolerated for so long, especially with a franchise that has so much history like the Bears.

This franchise has some strong young talent that could lead this team into a brighter future. However, the right leader needs to be put in place to ensure this happens. Unfortunately, this means the book must close on the John Fox era. Now is the time to search for a new head coach that can bring Chicago back to playoff contention.

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