Marcus Peters Suspended for One Game by Kansas City Chiefs

Marcus Peters

After a series of disruptive behavior, culminating in week 13 against the New York Jets, the Kansas City Chiefs have suspended cornerback Marcus Peters for Sunday’s game against the Oakland Raiders. Head coach Andy Reid announced on Wednesday afternoon that Peters would be suspended after the most recent incident, but everything else would remain, “In-house.” Against the Jets, Peters let his frustration boil over, picking up a referee’s flag and launched it into the crowd. When asked about the situation, Reid stated, “This was something Marcus [Peters] and I discussed. I’m going to leave it at that.” Furthermore, Peters will not be practicing this week.

Marcus Peters Suspended for One Game by Kansas City Chiefs

Expectations were high in the 2017 campaign for the all-pro corner and the Chiefs defense. However, Peters has had tumultuous play, backed by one of the NFL’s worst defenses. The frustration from the rise to a 5-0 start, and the fall to 6-6, has resulted in several meltdowns throughout the season.

Against the Washington Redskins, Peters was caught in an incident where a fan allegedly yelled racial slurs at him, resulting in Peters flipping off fans and yelling expletives back. Ought to be noted, the details around the situation are muddy.

However, the questionable behavior continued on the gridiron with Peters obvious lack of will to tackle during the game. Albeit, this is a pattern he has oft followed. The culmination of events came the first time the Chiefs played the Raiders when Peters landed an unnecessary hit on quarterback Derek Carr. The ensuing skirmish featured a strange turn of events when Raiders running back Marshawn Lynch ran in from the sidelines to ‘defend Peters’. In the ensuing controversy, Lynch shoved an official and was ejected.

The oddities continued immediately afterwards on an Oakland train, when Peters and Lynch rode the Bay Area Rapid Transit together, much to the displeasure of vulgar anti-Chiefs chants.

The frustration turned back toward the field against the Jets, the Chiefs sixth lost in the last seven games. Late in the game, Steve Nelson was penalized for holding, a call Peters obviously took opposition to. He picked up the referee’s thrown flag, tossed it into the crowd, then walked off the field assuming he had been ejected.

After Reid announced he was mulling over punishment for Peters, the point was delivered clearly on Wednesday incidental behavior would no longer be tolerated. The all-pro corner, and arguably most stable player in the Chiefs secondary, will be sitting out a must win game against AFC West rival the Oakland Raiders. Peters will also be spending the week thinking about his action as he will not be allowed to practice.

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