New York Giants: Jerry Reese Era is Over


After a sloppy 20-10 loss in a divisional game against the Washington Redskins, the New York Giants are on pace for one of, if not the worst season in franchise history. The most exciting thing going for the team is their odds of picking top three in the 2018 Draft. The speculation about what position the Giants will select is starting to boil up, but before the focus gets shifted to the draft, Giants owner John Mara needs to clean house and bring in a new general manager who is more capable of drafting a team for the future. Current general manager Jerry Reese illustrated his incompetence over the years and has been given enough opportunities to turn things around. The Reese Era is over and renovating this team for the future starts with a clean slate.

New York Giants: Jerry Reese Era is Over

Erratic Draft Style

Perhaps the most alarming thing about Reese is the unpredictable method in which he drafts. Granted he’s had his fair share of great picks, but more often than not the player selected is either chosen too early or doesn’t fill an urgent positional need. For example, in 2013 the Giants drafted Ryan Nassib in round four when replacing Eli Manning wasn’t even an option.

The team could soon find themselves in the same situation with 2017 third round selection Davis Webb. Webb’s selection wasn’t unexpected because of Manning’s age, but the team already organized competition between Geno Smith and Josh Johnson. With this year’s pick projected to be in the top three, selecting a quarterback becomes more likely. This essentially makes last year’s third rounder a wasted opportunity to add adequate depth.

Most selections aren’t as black and white as the quarterback debacle mentioned above, but a closer look over the years will reveal more of Reese’s failed strategies. One of which can be seen at the running back position, which has been known for its inconsistencies over recent years. In fact, since 2009, Giants have drafted seven running backs in which none have proven to be long-lasting additions. This drought at such a pivotal position has contributed to a fair portion of the team’s offensive struggles throughout the latter half of this past decade.

Unwillingness to Change

One of the biggest cons about Jerry Reese is his inability to change. The Giants have seen their share of struggles, but the most appalling aspect is that solutions aren’t implemented immediate. Instead, it seems like seasons pass before a significant action takes place to address a real problem. Although the offensive line has more infamously fallen victim to this, other have suffered through this flaw. Positions such as tight end, running back, linebacker, and even cornerbacks are also areas that have been relatively ignored. While not intentional, his consistent lack of judgement in these crucial positions has led to where the team stands today.

Inefficient Team Rebuilding

After a shocking 11-5 record last season, most experts and fans expected the Giants to return to the playoffs with ease. That simply was not the case after Reese failed to construct a team with adequate depth. The extent of injuries suffered this season has been absurdly high but even taking that into consideration, the most backups were not putting in the effort or even playing remotely close to pro level. Without Odell Beckham on the field, this team practically has no legitimate threat and Ben McAdoo’s one-dimensional scheme has become completely exposed.

The hefty signing spree last off-season left many holes in a roster that already relied heavily on inexperienced players. Reese’s “Trust the Process” approach on many positions, such as the offensive line, didn’t pan out. The team has waited long enough and it’s become evident that the results are nowhere near desirable. John Mara needs to bring in fresh blood that’ll bring change and new players to develop and build around.

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