Week Eight New York Jets Takeaways


The New York Jets fell to the Atlanta Falcons 25-20 on a rainy day in East Rutherford, NJ on Sunday. Like the previous two weeks, the Jets again got off to a hot start only to see the loss slip away from their wet fingers. The game again showed why the Jets fooled people earlier in the season and that they are in fact in rebuilding mode.

Week Eight New York Jets Takeaways

Late Game Collapses

It’s now been three weeks in a row where the Jets have completely fallen apart in the second half. Today’s game might have been a little bit different due to the weather conditions and a slippery ball, but there is still no excuse when you play to win the game. The Jets yet again entered the fourth quarter with a lead and were unable to hold it until the end of the game. The cause of most late-game collapses come from the inability to establish any sort of constant pressure on the opposing team’s quarterbacks. It was pathetic that the Jets got their first sack from a defensive lineman in today’s game.

Quarterback Change?

I think I speak for Jets fans when I say we’ve seen exactly what we thought we would see from Josh McCown. Though he has definitely gotten more production out of his receivers than most people thought, he has also shown why he has been cut by a lot of the teams he’s played for. Though today he didn’t throw any interceptions, the past two weeks he has turned the ball over at extremely costly times. If the Jets aren’t winning games it might be time to talk about changing over quarterbacks. The Jets have now dropped three in a row and in all three games they have led at some point in the game. This team isn’t trending up and it might be time to give the younger quarterbacks reps in practice and perhaps during games as well.

Defensive Troubles

Jamal Adams might steal all the headlines, but this defense has a lot of holes and it starts up front. Though the defensive line is without Sheldon Richardson this year, there is still no excuse for their lack of sacks. Moving back in the defense, the linebackers aren’t able to contain or control any team’s running backs. The secondary is thin now and has done a good job stopping receivers from taking over the game and it’s hard for them to do their job when there is no pass rush. Todd Bowles is a defensive coach and has to fix the defense.


The Jets are on a short week with the Buffalo Bills coming to town for Thursday Night Football. This game will surely test Gang Green’s offense as the Bills shut down the Oakland Raiders attack today. The game has a chance to be a blowout by halftime.

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