Week Seven Cleveland Browns Keys to Victory


For the second time in two years, the Cleveland Browns have opened the season at 0-6. In week seven, the Tennessee Titans will be coming to town. In week six, Titans quarterback Marcus Mariota came back to Tennessee and led the Titans to a 36-22 comeback victory. So, that begs the question: do the winless Browns even have a chance? Well, if they are to have any hope in winning this game, the Browns will have to put forward their best efforts. Additionally, they will have to have a couple things go their way with good luck. What can the Browns control in this game that might give them a chance? There are our week seven Cleveland Browns keys to victory.

Week Seven Cleveland Browns Keys to Victory

Contain the Marvelous Mariota

Myles Garrett has looked great so far, gathering three sacks in just two games. However, Mariota is more mobile than the average quarterback. Behind a very underrated offensive line, Mariota has been pretty well-protected throughout the majority of this season. Both Taylor Lewan and Jack Conklin are tremendous offensive linemen. Gregg Williams‘s biggest job this weekend should be to let Garrett loose.

With Garrett working on the right end, and Emmanuel Ogbah across from him, the Browns can hope to keep the Titans quarterback’s running to a minimum. Like most great quarterbacks, Cleveland will not be able to stop Mariota. They can, however, hope to contain him in some capacity.

Play Within Kizer’s Limits

Okay, so the Browns know what they have, or don’t have, in Kevin Hogan. Already, Hue Jackson has made the call back to DeShone Kizer. Now, whether or not Kizer is “the guy” still remains to be seen. However, the experiment seems to have worse and worse results every week. But before the Browns (likely inevitably) have to draft a quarterback again, what can they do to play within Kizer’s current limits?

First of all, maybe Jackson should dumb down the offense for Kizer. No more of this three offensive linemen, seven receiver formation. This is not Madden 18, Hue Jackson. Kizer is a rookie; treat him as such. You don’t have to run a total spread offense, but maybe you should restrict the route tree at least a little bit. And maybe, just maybe, Kenny Britt shouldn’t play. Yet again. Truly, the offense looks better without him.

The Duke Must Be Loose

Again, this happens every week. Duke Johnson, one of the most electric Browns playmakers, doesn’t see nearly enough touches. Either Hue Jackson does not know how to use him, or he is purposefully not using Johnson enough. So, he is either stupid, or he is antagonizing Browns fans for whatever reason. The Browns can clearly see that something is very wrong with Isaiah Crowell this season, and rookie Matt Dayes is not getting any reps at all.

Johnson is an amazing playmaker in the Browns backfield. If only Hue Jackson knew how to use him right. However, if Jackson gets a clue on the Johnson situation, he might just be able to win this game. Win this game, or really win any game, and there could be a chance that Hue Jackson saves his job.

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