Last Word On Steelers Podcast Week Five


Last Word On Steelers Podcast Week Five


This week Patrick Gelesh and my new co-host Brian Harker look at the Pittsburgh Steelers offense, defense, their performance against the Jacksonville Jaguars and talk about this coming week’s game against the Kansas City Chiefs. We try to find some solutions for what is actually going wrong with the offense. As well as Breakdown Ben Roethlisbergers five interceptions, and try to hold the players that are performing poorly accountable. There is a discussion over whether Todd Haley is the right offensive coordinator for this team and whether his play calling needs to change. Using ProFootballFocus’ player grades we look at how poorly the receiving corps, with the exception of Antonio Brown, is underachieving. Brian and I also look at the Steelers loss to the Jaguars, a team that on paper isn’t nearly as talented as the Steelers.

On defense we do a similiar breakdown. Specifically we look at the Steelers defense’s inability to stop the running game. Five backs in the last four weeks have averaged over 6.0 yards per carry or more. We emphasize that this unit has five first round picks in the front seven yet stopping their run is still a weakness. The Steelers defense has yet to play an above average quarterback through week five so it’s hard to accurately grade the seconadary. That will change this week when the Steelers play the Chiefs and their quarterback Alex Smith who has been very impressive this season. On top of that they will face Kareem Hunt, the most productive running back in the league to this point in the year.

Patrick Gelesh–  Third generation Steelers fan with a Masters in sports management and leadership specializing in football. My mom was lucky enough to witness the immaculate reception live. To me, hard hitting defense is “the beautiful game.”

Brian Harker‘s profile will be available next week.

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