Any Given Monday NFL Podcast Episode 16: Week Three Review


With Dunc busy pretending to be Harvey Specter last week, we had no Week 2 Review. Fortunately, Dunc is back on deck, and the boys are finally back with Episode 16 of the Any Given Monday NFL Podcast.

Any Given Monday NFL Podcast Episode 16: Week Three Review

In this Episode…

It was an absolutely crazy slate of games in Week Three. We had upsets a plenty, drama, and even some protesting. Dunc’s Indianapolis Colts finally notched up their first win of the season! Unfortunately, Nads’ beloved Oakland Raiders were butchered by the Washington Redskins. But no matter which team you follow, or if you just love football in general, then this is the podcast for you! The boys cover EVERY game this week, giving you their thoughts on the good, the bad, and the downright ugly!

Donald Trump and the Protests

Donald Trump’s comments have been a huge talking point all week. The boys touch on the protests in relation to this issue, but they’ll keep it positive, don’t worry!

Other Segments

The Injury Report returns again and the list has grown substantially in size! Dunc does his best to run you through all the latest injury news from around the League.

Finally, the Slam Dunc is launched firmly at Los Angeles football, with plenty of talking points over the last two weeks.

Any Given Monday is a podcast dedicated to all things NFL, recorded by two Aussies mad enough to get up at 3am on a work day to watch the games!

Hayden Nadolny is a mad NFL fan based in Melbourne, Australia. He has been a supporter of the Raiders ever since he received a Charles Woodson jersey back in 2000. Hayden’s football highlight was getting to work as a guest assistant equipment manager for the Raiders on the field against Miami in 2011. When not following the NFL, Hayden spends his days working as a Chiropractor.

Duncan Soang is a diehard Colts fan going back to the early days of Peyton Manning heaving it up to Marvin Harrison and Reggie Wayne. Being a Colts fan, his highlight in football was seeing the Colts hoist the Lombardi trophy in Super Bowl XLI. If not glued to a screen following the NFL, you will find Duncan working as a lawyer.

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